MacKenzie's Masterpiece

Derbyshire’s Augusta

Best Layout in the World

Under 6000 Yards

Breathtaking Views

Cavendish is recognised as one of the finest golf courses in Derbyshire offering a great golfing experience.

Cavendish is thought by some to be Dr MacKenzie’s most accomplished work in the UK and quite possibly the best layout in the world under 6000 yards. It illustrates how skilfully and creatively he blended the layout of the golf course into the surrounding landscape.

Nothing jars the eye, nor distracts from the beauty of the natural setting. Those outstanding course design skills, which brought Alister MacKenzie international acclaim when he created the magnificent Augusta National course, in association with Bobby Jones, were developed and honed during his formative years in Great Britain.

Cavendish exemplifies MacKenzie’s belief that “length has nothing to do with the quality of a hole” Read More

Course Status

Saturday 29th August

Course open, looking good and ready for the ‘Golf in Scotland’ Texas Scramble Competition.

The winners today are only one game away from winning their ticket to the US Masters in 2016.

Best of luck to all the teams.

SPECIAL COURSE NOTICE FOR MEMBERS & VISITORS: Please note that the greens are to be hollow tined and dressed starting Tuesday 1st September and this work will take a few days to complete. The current superb playing experience will be compromised for around 10 days, but this essential maintenance will ensure our course quickly revives and delivers excellent greens for the rest of the season. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause.



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