‘Inspiration for Augusta’

At the request of the Duke of Devonshire, Dr Alister MacKenzie was commissioned to design and build a brand new golf course in Buxton, on land specially selected for the purpose by the Duke. In 1925 the resultant course, widely regarded as ‘MacKenzie’s Masterpiece’, took the Duke’s family name ‘Cavendish’ and the course has been delighting golfers ever since.

Seven years after creating Cavendish, MacKenzie was asked by Bobby Jones, to design a brand new course on a disused fruit farm in Georgia, USA. The topography of this land had many similarities to the land he had found in Buxton and MacKenzie adopted many of the same design solutions he had used at Cavendish. Although the project nearly folded owing to financial difficulties, the resultant Augusta National has become the most celebrated and exclusive golf course in the world.

Jonathan Gaunt

Whilst most golfers can never hope to play Augusta National, they can get a taste of the challenge by playing Cavendish, regarded as the ‘Inspiration for Augusta’.

In March 2016, International Golf Architect, Jonathan Gaunt, created a technical paper which compared the two courses – hole by hole. The paper subsequently received exceptional exposure in the national golfing press and has generated huge interest in Cavendish and it’s place in golfing history.

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In March 2017, CNN created a programme for their ‘Living Golf’ Channel ‘Danny Willet & The Making of a Master’s Champion’. CNN used information in the technical paper and interviewed Jonathan Gaunt.

The resultant film was broadcast 8 times in the lead-up to the 2017 Masters in April. CNN is distributed to 190 million homes worldwide and this has created a steady stream of new international visitors from all over the world: South Africa to Hong Kong to Holland to USA and even Kathmandu!

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Jonathan Gaunt is a supporting, volunteer member of the Cavendish team, committed to preserving and promoting this very special historical MacKenzie golf course.