Guideline for Playing Golf at Cavendish Golf Club from Weds 13th May


In light of the recent updates issued by the UK Government and Golf England, the following guidelines have been agreed by the Board to allow play to restart at the Club this week.

From 08:00 on Weds 20th May we are open to members, members guests and visitors. Tee times must be booked in advance either online or phoning our golf reception on 01298 79708.

Booking System

  • The Tee sheet will initially be from 8am each day and the Board will monitor play and usage
  • Any player not on the start sheet before arrival will not be permitted to play
  • Volunteer starters/marshals under the guidance of and direction of the Board will ensure those on the pre booked time sheet tee off on time. We expect the tee to be fully booked so if you arrive late, you may be unable to play

Playing Conditions

  • Each player may only play 1 ball
  • Play will commence from the 1st tee only and you must follow the normal circuit of play. Those wishing to only play some holes may play 1-7, or 1-11 and leave via the track from the practice area.  Please do not go from 5 to 15 at this time
  • Bunkers will remain in play but as there are no rakes, players will be expected to, as far as possible, repair and smooth with the use of their club any footmarks etc. on leaving the bunker
  • Flags must not be touched or removed from the holes at any time. The cups have been raised to allow a ball to drop in but still be accessible, above ground, so there is no need to remove the flag
  • When on the Course, do not race up behind slower players in front. This will avoid queueing on the next tee
  • All golf at present will be social and hopefully, everyone will be happy to play. Social distancing should be maintained throughout your round
  • Greenkeepers have priority at all times. Please respect their safety


  • All benches and ball cleaners are out of use
  • The shoe cleaner will be out use so please do not attempt to use it
  • Access to the course will be as before the lockdown. The 1st tee is the only starting tee
  • Buggies are available but at the users risk.  We cannot guarantee that they are sanitised, therefore hirers must bring with them their own means to sanitise the buggy before use.  For example, disinfectant wipes or a sanitising solution and a cloth. Buggies are for single-use only unless playing with a household member.  Buggies must be booked in advance via our golf reception.
  • The practice area may be used but social distancing rules must be observed
  • As per the Govt. guidance, those aged 70 and over, regardless of medical condition are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) and they should, therefore, be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures

Before Play

  • Players should arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to their tee time and should change their shoes in the car park. If you arrive earlier, please remain in your car
  • The trolley shed may be accessed but access and use are entirely at the users’ own risk
  • Gents may use the toilets in the Gents Locker Room and ladies will have access to the 2 toilets opposite the spike bar
  • Please, if possible, wash or sanitise your hands before entering and after leaving the clubhouse. We suggest all players carry their own hand sanitiser with them
  • Practising is allowed on the putting green immediately prior to teeing off but no more than 4 players should be on there at any one time. There will be no flags on the putting green
  • Only one person may use the practice nets at any time and only in the few minutes before teeing off. Players must provide their own golf balls
  • Players must depart the Club as soon as they have completed their round to preserve social distancing and also to free up car park spaces
  • Whilst there will be no marked segregation of the car parking, as we do not have the facility to do so, please respect social distancing and where possible undertake to park a safe distance away from players loading or unloading clubs etc.

All Club competitions, opens and matches have at this time either been cancelled or postponed. We will update members on these in due course.

As stated above, the clubhouse and the shop will remain closed until further notice, but the locker room door will be open for members to use the toilets only. Please do not prop the door open and use the keypad for security. The changing room is out of use.

Please remember that for the last 6 weeks local people have had access to all parts of the course for their daily exercise. Whilst we have put signs around the course informing them that golf has started again, some will undoubtedly not read them or ignore them.  Please politely direct non-players back to the public rights of way.

Thank you to all players for your understanding, for sticking to these guidelines and for ensuring as far as possible the safety of all club members, visitors and staff.

Many Thanks,

Board of Directors

19th May, 2020