Foursomes Cup and Pro’s Comp Results

Just 2 weeks after the last major required an 18 Hole play-off, this weekends Foursomes cup also requires a play-off to decide the winner.

Foursomes Cup

1st Place – Play-off required

M. Wagstaffe, A. Chadwick – 4UP

S. Downing, C. Megarell – 4UP

3rd Place

A. Bothomley, G. Cannon – 3UP (cpo)

Singles Bogey Competition

1st Place – M. Burgess – 5UP

2nd Place – R. Davies – 3UP

3rd Place – J. Lomas – 2UP (cpo)

Congratulations to all prize winners and good luck to both pairs in the 18 Hole Play-off.

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