We’re going to build a wall!

Don’t worry, Stuart’s found one.

Turn the last bend of Watford Road and your eyes will light upon Stuart Robinson’s ‘rediscoveration’ of another of Cavendish’s hidden gems. 

Shyly showing itself after ‘Super Volunteer’ Stuart’s magnificent onslaught on the beautiful, but uncontrolled shrubbery, is a rockery of beautiful proportions – at the moment just a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life in the months to come as a revitalised Cavendish gathers itself to launch into 2019.

Many thanks again Stuart for your consistent hard work in all weathers, which is much appreciated by all members. A special thanks for completing the preparation of the large flower border on the 18th which has taken some clearing by you and Mick Connolly. This will really help make a final impression for visitors (and members) as they leave our beautiful Top 100 course.

Can we all have a pint of what you’re on?
You certainly demonstrate that age is all in the mind!

Thanks to Director Jean Luton for spotting this story and images.

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