Weather not good for golf

Temperatures up and down, but often down!

Despite the recent snow, we ‘escaped’ fairly lightly this week, and the lying snow has been left confined to the hills.
It meant I dusted off the clubs and took the course on Sunday afternoon, and tried to pretend it wasn’t really that cold ..!
There’s a variety of weather on the way, but I’m afraid not much of it is actually ‘good’ for golf…

Forecast for Buxton
Issued: Wednesday 7th February; 19:00



Thursday: Dull, less cold, some rain

Generally cloudy, with a little rain in the air at times, but amounting to very little most of the day. A spell of heavier rain will move through during the evening, giving around 5mm. A brisk south to southwesterly breeze, 15 to 25mph, strengthening into the afternoon. Up to gale force over the hill tops. Cool, but less cold than previous days, with temperatures rising slowly to 5C in the afternoon.

Friday: Colder, sunshine and wintry showers

A cold front will move through overnight, and temperatures will fall again, back toward 0C before dawn. Snow and hail showers will come in from the west, which may be frequent for a few hours, then tending to fade into the afternoon. Occasional sunshine. Gusty west to northwesterly winds, 15 to 25mph. A chance of isolated thunder. Max 2 or 3C. An early frost on Friday night as skies clear – a low of -1 or -2C.

Saturday: Rain developing, becoming persistent, windy

Cloud will thicken before dawn as fronts move back from the Atlantic. Saturday probably starts dry, but rain is likely to develop – perhaps preceded by snow, but all turning to rain as temperatures rise. Not warm though, only reaching about 5C! Rain is expected to become more persistent as the day progresses. Totals around 7-10mm in 24 hours up to dawn on Sunday. Strong south to southwesterly winds, 20 to 30mph, with gales over the hill tops.

Sunday: Colder again, wintry showers again!

Temperatures fall again overnight into Sunday, back toward freezing as another cold front sweeps through.  Bursts of rain will turn back into snow or hail, and some lively showers are possible into the daytime, with squally winds, and a chance of thunder. Sunshine breaking through at times. A cold westerly wind, 15 to 25mph. Max 2C.

Outlook for next week (12th-19th February):  Mixed, but generally cool    

A chilly theme stays in place for next week, although probably not the ‘depths of winter’. Temperatures by day around 3 to 5C. Overnight typically close to freezing point, and a risk of frost and ice on some nights. Some rain, some snow, but mixed with drier and brighter periods.

Further ahead: Stratospheric mischief and a threat of more cold

It’s a struggle to find anything truly spring-like for now. Any milder days look scarce, and most indications later in February maintain cold conditions. It looks like we will have to endure further frost, and some snow at times. Winds may eventually turn easterly – which is never warm at this time of year! Forecasters are currently watching the developments of a “sudden stratospheric warming” event. This is a natural occurrence which takes place periodically high in the atmosphere in the winter. Ironically, this usually leads to colder weather for the UK, because it is linked to a weakening of the milder Atlantic weather systems, and can cause polar air to arrive from the north or east.

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