Vice Presidents Events

Special day in club calendar

Past Captains become Vice Presidents when they complete their year in office and consequently they enjoy a unique shared experience.

After the briefest interlude of much needed rain on Friday, the sun shone once again for the Vice Presidents Day on Saturday. Two 4BBB competitions were run in parallel on the day: the club competition and a special competition for Vice Presidents and their invited guests.

Vice Presidents Club Competition Results
Saturday 14 July 2018
Three pairs scored the same score of 44 points and the winners were decided on a card play off:

1st J. Wildgoose / J. Haddon  44
2nd M. Oakes / D. Morris  44
3rd R. Lee / A. Smith  44

Vice Presidents Gathering

The Vice Presidents (both playing and non playing) met for a drink on the terrace after the golf and prior to the formal dinner. It is a chance for VPs who may not get to the club to meet and share stories of their time at the club


We were especially pleased to see the longest serving Vice Presidents Tim Oddy and Roy Buxton who both relived memories of the 60s and 70s prompted by seeing the old names on the new honours boards.

Pat Campbell had the unenviable task of trying to keep some sort of order to capture some images of the assembled group of ‘green jackets’.

We are as always very grateful for Pat’s work with photograhy.



Vice Presidents Dinner

Vice Presidents Special Competition
The winners of the VP special competition were VP John Carr & Bob Turner with a brilliant 44 points.

In his speech Bob praised John Carr for his generous invitations to play each year and that they were delighted to win this time – particularly as they have in the past ‘won’ the ‘crap golfer’ prize!!


74 Not Out
Not only was Bob a winner in golf but 14 July just happened to coincide with his 74th birthday. Bob was treated to a magnificent rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ by the massed Vice Presidents (and guests) Choir!



Every pair playing in the special competition receives a prize provided by the Vice Presidents themselves.


Coveted ‘Crap Golfer’ Prize
This extra special prize for the worst score, was designed (I use the term lightly) and created (sort of thrown together) by Vice President and known raconteur Neville Bracegirdle (he of the ‘Fresh Air Put’ fame). Ironically Nev was the last recipient and as he did not attend the last dinner the trophy could not be located to present to the 2017 winner, VP Stuart Robinson.

This wrong was righted when Nev presented Stuart with the much admired trophy.

Unfortunately Stuart’s joy was only short-lived, as he was then required to re-present the trophy to the 2018 winner VP Richard Atherton who had played with Steve Hunter.

To say Richard was thrilled would be an exaggeration, so perhaps it’s best left at that …

Fairway Catering served a delicious meal which was enjoyed by everyone and the party then moved to the main lounge to share further stories and reminisce.

Here’s to 2019.


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