The Ups and Downs of Winter!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Thursday 6th December 2018, 18:00

It’s staying rather unsettled over the next 10 days or so, although some days will be better than others! Temperatures will continue to vary between quite mild and rather chilly, but there isn’t a ‘big freeze’ upon us just yet.

For now, a westerly wind will prevail keeping things fairly mild. This will switch northwesterly over the weekend, turning things cooler.

Friday will be a breezy day. A period of rain overnight will fade in the morning, then some showery bursts with possible hail will follow into the afternoon. Total rain over 24 hours will be about a half inch, (10-15mm) so will top up the increasingly soggy ground. Mild, 11C.

Further bursts of rain will continue overnight into Saturday, although by Saturday morning there should be a good few hours which are dry. Rain is likely to return by afternoon into evening. Another 7-10mm is likely. A blustery day – strongest winds first thing on Saturday gusting 30-40mph.

A few brief showers are possible early on Sunday, but becoming well scattered, and there is a better chance of some sunshine. A chilly breeze around 15mph.

Weekend temperatures will top out at 8C on Saturday, then nearer 6C on Sunday. No frost this weekend, but Monday morning looks likely to start cold, possibly close to freezing.

A couple of quieter, chilly days are likely early next week. Some cloud, possible fog, and a risk of frost. By midweek onward, things look more unsettled again, with scope for rain and hill snow.

The general outlook toward Christmas is more of the same. Probably an ongoing battle between rain and hill snow, with the chance for a few colder snowier days developing at some point.

Overall though, I’d lean toward a milder story heading into Christmas at this stage.

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