Snow Saturday, but no Ski Sunday!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

The current cold spell will culminate in a fall of snow over the Peak District later on Saturday.
Saturday morning will be largely dry, but cold with frost in the ground, then snow flurries are expected to move in during the afternoon, setting in for a few hours as it goes dark. A good covering is likely, but temporarily, and it will start becoming slushy as we move overnight into Sunday. At lower levels, it will tend to become rain as milder air encroaches in from the Atlantic.
Sunday daytime is then looking a relatively milder day, with sunshine and a few showers, and snow should thaw except over the hill tops. Temperatures lifting toward 6C.
The outlook for the week ahead is then generally mild, with wind and rain at times. Temperatures ranging between 5 and 9C by day, and overnight frost rare.
There may be changes as we head into Christmas week though, as some indications start to draw cold air masses back towards us. Much could yet change of course, but I suspect the next round of weather pattern changes will be afoot by Christmas, and the period onward toward New Year could bring us into a more marked cold spell.
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