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Proper winter has arrived

sNOw golf this weekend – roll on Spring!
As expected, proper winter has arrived in the later stages of January!

Very bluntly, there is no thaw before the weekend, with lying snow staying place for the next few days. There may be some further snowfalls which come in from the east at times Friday into Saturday, but amounts look relatively small, and not of the scale of last winter’s beast!

Temperatures will barely lift above zero by day right through to Sunday or Monday. Overnight values will depend on clear skies, but Saturday night into Sunday looks coldest, where sub -5C is possible.

Next week begins with a weather system encroaching in from the Atlantic, which may give snow turning to rain with time. A warm up and thaw then seems likely heading into midweek.

Further ahead is inconclusive, with some indications taking us back into wintry weather fairly soon.

Based on his research into historic weather patterns, Garry has posted some extra ideas for February on

“Beautiful seasons, beautiful Buxton and beautiful Cavendish.
No other TOP 100 Golf Club does snow like Cavendish!”

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