‘Juniors’ Away Day & More

Sitwell Park Golf Club in Rotherham is part of the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail and their Juniors chose Cavendish for their away day on Sunday.




They were accompanied by parents and members but also Club Captain Tony Grice and Professional Nic Taylor.





Cavendish Captain, Mike Watson, was not aware that the Sitwell Park party was coming and bumped into Tony by accident. He overheard a conversation Tony was having with his wife after his game and thought he heard:

“Not that good … I scored 5 and lost 20 balls!!” 

Mike engaged Tony in conversation only to learn that the party was from Sitwell and that he had misheard; it was actually:

‘Not that good … I scored 20 and lost 5 balls!!’

Tony explained the main purpose of the visit was the Juniors Away Day and how well they had done and how much they had enjoyed the course.





The icing on the cake for Professional Nic, was a HOLE-IN-ONE on the 9th!
Congratulations Nic!


Tony is keen to promote the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail concept at Sitwell Park and foster the links between each of the nine MacKenzie clubs.

There are around 30 Cavendish members who are close to completing the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail to earn their Certificates and Sitwell is on the outstanding list of many of these.