We really are into the final leg of the season now!

On a beautiful autumn day with the course basked in sunshine 168 competitors took part in the final seniors open competition of the season.  The course was in magnificent condition with the greens running at a speed that was likely to catch many out.  This was not a day to be above the hole!

Quite a few players had played earlier in the season and had come back to finalise unfinished business, having failed to cope with the conditions earlier in the season.  “It has always been one of my favourite courses and this year it has been in such fantastic condition, we just had to come and beat ourselves up again” was how the early starters from Derby saw it.  “My third time this year and I still haven’t got a clue how you play those greens; so quick!”

The leading Cavendish group of Baldry, Collins, Marshall and Wilson were having no such trouble and set off with their tails on fire.  A hat full of 3 pointers enabled them to post a challenging 84 points.  The breeze was keeping the scoring honest as Foster, Cooke, Paddock and Boardman went 2nd with a score of 80, soon to be overtaken by Plumtree, Jervis, Miller and Nuttall with a not-quite-good-enough 83pts.  As is often the case at Cavendish, it was some of the later starters who seemed to have the measure of things but mistakes here and there left everybody shy of our early leaders.  The home team of Bolton, Webster & Booth accompanied by Bob Bailey from Bramall Park came closest only to fall short on a card play-off.

We have had a fantastic senior season at Cavendish Golf Club despite Covid-19 and it has been our pleasure to welcome so many golfers from around the region.  We are immensely grateful for your patronage in what has been a particularly challenging time in our history, and we are so glad that the vast majority of you have felt the trip worthwhile and have enjoyed your golf with us.

Congratulations as always to our prize winners.  Your winnings will be on account in our Proshop and can be spent next time you visit or you may wish to select an item or items from www.foremostgolf.com and email details to us at proshop@cavendishgolfclub.com and we’ll get it for you.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you next season!

Seniors Open Results

1st – Baldry, Collins, Marshall & Wilson (Cavendish GC) 84pts – £65each

2nd – Bolton, Webster, Booth (Cavendish GC) & Bailey (Bramall Park GC) – 84 (CPO) – £55

3rd – Plumtree, Jervis, Miller & Nuttall (Lees Hall GC) – 83 – £40

4th – Jones, Jones, Smith (Boothferry GC) & Blanchard (Letchworth GC) – 83 (CPO) – £30

5th – Boden, Rogers, Dring & Morley (Matlock GC) – 82 – £25

6th – Dunn, Simpson, Harrison & Hallworth (Greenmount GC) – 82 (CPO) – £20