Seniors Open Results (11 June 2018)

Great weather and really close finish

1st   G Rowlands, B Ward, L Higgins, D Meacham  87 pts  Cavendish G C, £70 each

2nd  C Griffiths, J Hurst, R Lewis, R Sykes 86 pts  Scraptoft G C, Leicester,  £60 each

3rd  K Barnes, P Holloway, S Hague, T Haughton, 84 pts (CPO back 9: 48 pts)  Scunthorpe and Ashby GC,  £50 each

4th  T Searson, G Sanders, G Goodfellow, J Mabbot, 84pts (CPO back 9: 42 pts) Chevin GC,  £40 each.

5th  D Davies, R Lowey, J Herbert, R Clarke, 84pts (CPO back 9: 40 pts) Cavendish GC + Visitor.  £30 each

N/P on 4th  D Davies  Cavendish GC  £20 voucher

N/P in two on 16th M Forder Captain Cavendish GC (drove the Green then putted to within a few inches), £20 voucher

Longest Drive on the 6th, Roger Hanks, Mickleover GC £20 voucher.

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