Roll Up For Christmas

Great atmosphere at annual lunch

Thoughout the year Cavendish men can play in many friendly roll up groups 8.30, 10 and 12 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (there’s also Sunday roll ups too).
Roll ups provide the backbone for playing social golf at Cavendish (with a bit of competition for the £1) but commonly members stick to a specific time that suits them and so don’t get a chance to meet as a single group.

As an initiative from Pat Campbell in 2015 a Roll Up Christmas Lunch was organised which was a massive success and has gone from strength to strength. Over 40 members attended yesterday’s lunch and the atmosphere was just brilliant …

The ambience of the clubhouse and superb Christmas lunch with all the trimmings provided by Chef Simon and expertly served by Stacey and her team was appreciated by everyone. The vegetables were perfect and the sugared red currents on the Christmas Puddings gave sophistication to the meal.

Apart from the meal, some special highlights included:

Colin’s ‘open auction of Rick Lowey’s handicap’ as he once again took the money – Rick is sitting nicely on 17, but some members thought 12.1 would be more suitable, however it looks like 16 might be in the offing!

Well done Rick – pictured celebrating his impending h/c reduction! Ted did his best to wrest the wine away from Rick, but without success1



Steve Burton (super sleuth and master of disguise) wasn’t fooling anyone with his new Christmas Cracker plastic moustache – but he did have an impressive Christmas jumper with lights AND Christmas music!





Pat Campbell’s presentation to Mike Watson (on behalf of Noah Doig) of the Noah’s Ark Trophy for the most rain in a season – this has been hotly disputed, but if the figures are taken as a calendar year then it has been wetter in 2017! However if taken from the terms of office (excluding December) it was wetter in 2016.
Still as the special trophy is so desirable and Mike didn’t win any trophy in his year as Captain, he has decided to capitulate and accept his new title!


Our very special guest of honour was Dave Morton who at 91 is our ‘Super Vet’ – no he really is a Vet and also an Honorary Veteran Member and until recently was a regular playing member.

Great to see Dave and to learn that he keeps in touch with the club via the website blogs!



Finally a special toast was made to past Chairman and much respected member Alan Doig who is not in the best of health at the moment. Everyone wished Alan and his family every blessing this Christmas.



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