2 for 5 on 4

This is an ‘all points’ notice.
Be on the look-out for ‘Pedro’.
He goes by the alias Cassidy and sometimes Hop-a-long, but rarely uses his true identity – ‘Pedro’.

He is a master of disguises but has influential friends – including a famous piano rock star who it is believed has passed on the details of his FUT (follicular unit transplantation) specialist!
This new photo (main image) was taken this morning by super-observant Rachel . She suspected Pedro was ‘at it again’ and managed the ‘sneeky peeky’.

Pedro’s brilliance is in his ability to disguise his age.
On Friday he is known to have played in the 9.30 roll-up and claimed it was his 80th birthday – I ask you!! Just look at him. A strapping 6′ plus Greek adonis who plays at least 3 times a week in all weathers, when most self-respecting octogenarians are tucked-up in their beds!

With 2 shots on most of the par 3s Pedro yet again took the money in the roll-up!
His 2 for 5 on 4 caused his playing partner Stuart to weep! 

No, Pedro ‘He ith tho sthmart’ – it’s obvious to all that he’s barely into his 40s! This man should be approached by members with great care!!

Happy Birthday JC

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