One step forward and two back?

Garry latest predictions

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Thursday 24th January, 20:00

Garry Nicholson – Cavendish Meteorologist in Residence

It’s been a chilly week, and for the first time this winter, snow stopped play in Buxton! We’re getting a reprieve heading into the weekend, as milder Atlantic air drifts our way, but it’s only a matter of time before cold air returns…

Saturday:  Grey and drizzly, rain later

An overcast day, with drizzly rain in the air from time to time. Total rainfall from Friday into Saturday will be small, but the dampness combined with previous snow melt will make the ground rather wet. No frost on Saturday morning at least. By the end of the afternoon, steadier rain will arrive from the west. A southwest breeze around 10mph. Temperatures: Min 4C, Max 6C.

Sunday:  Colder, showery

A spell of rain on Saturday evening will be followed by clusters of showers into Sunday. Frequent bursts of rain are likely to clock up 10-15mm in 24 hours. Snow initially confined to the hill tops, but by Sunday afternoon and evening, as cold air returns, snow may well fall to Buxton level and lower. A strong and cold northerly wind, 15 to 25mph. Temperatures generally around 3C, then falling below freezing overnight into Monday.

Next Week:  Mostly cold, further snow

Northwesterly winds will dominate early in the new week. Sunshine and occasional clusters of showers, mostly of snow, possibly rain at lower levels. Frost and ice likely. The second half of the week looks cold and unsettled, with an ongoing risk of snowfalls. Temperatures only reaching 2 to 4C, and later in the week could be colder. Overnight often dipping below 0C. 

Trends into February maintain chilly weather patterns, so expect snow and ice to stay in the forecasts for a while to come.

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