Monthly Medal 4 Results

Lee shoots 63 net!

Yesterday’s monthly medal proved hard for many members, but perfect for others.
The CSS was no doubt affected by the misty conditions early on and also the wind and of course the greens running very quickly!

Lee, Jonathan and Ian all won in their respective divisions, but there were some very good scores right behind them. Will Crisp’s 65 and Gary Cannon losing to a cpo decider particularly.

Monthly Medal 4
(15/07/2017 CSS: 70 Par: 68)

Division 1 Result
1st Lee Oakes 67-4c=63
2nd William Crisp 73-8c=65
3rd Ian Middleton 78-9c=69

Division 2 Result
1st Jonathan Smith 80-13c=67 (Sorry Jonathan – awaiting photo)
2nd Gary Cannon 78-11c=67
3rd Mike Oakes 81-13c=68

Division 3 Result
1st Ian Mycock 92-24c=68 (RHS photo)
2nd Robert Clark 87-18c=69
3rd Andrew Copley 88-17c=71


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