Membership Subscriptions

Full Playing840Unrestricted
6 Day760Cannot Play Saturdays
5 Day740Cannot Play Saturday or Sunday
19- 29 yrs380Unrestricted
30 – 35 yrs590Unrestricted
Veterans (>80)500Over 80’s
Juniors (<18)30Unrestricted
In F T Education100Unrestricted
Flexible500See Terms and Conditions
Play Cavendish275See Terms and Conditions
Academy Course50Academy course only

Senior, Twilight, Country and Trial membership are no longer available.

Full Playing Members children up to the age of 18 can join as junior members without the cost of subscription charges, although would still be required to pay Derbyshire Golf Affiliation Fee of £13.50. Play Cavendish is the rebranded Flexible Lite.

All membership categories are subject to an Affiliation Fee of £18.75 and £13.50 for Juniors. This is a mandatory fee, which has to be paid to Derbyshire Golf.