Which Member is not using a Mat?

The afternoon was marred somewhat by seeing the results of an unknown Cavendish member/members who played today and didn’t use a mat to protect the course.

These two divots on the 18th fairway are heartbreaking, both to the greens staff AND to all self respecting members.




Grass doesn’t grow below 5 degrees C, so divots taken while the temperatures are still low, just can’t repair themselves until the growing season starts.

Not only were these divots taken, but there was NO ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THEM.

We all know that the course has been abnormally wet, so please respect the RULES OF THE CLUB and USE A MAT when required to do so.

Mats are in use all winter so there are no excuses and EVERY MEMBER MUST USE A MAT.

Mats are available for £5 from the proshop.


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