We have many visitors to Cavendish who thoroughly enjoy our great MacKenzie Course and ask if we could suggest other MacKenzie courses to play while they are in the area. Buxton is an ideal location to play the ‘Cavendish MacKenzie Trail’ : 9 x North-Midland MacKenzie courses within easy travel distances from Cavendish Golf Club.

The ‘Cavendish MacKenzie Trail’ offers 4 x MacKenzie courses within 20 miles (40 mins) of Buxton, 2 x more within 40 miles (60 mins) and 3 x more within 60 miles (100 mins).

20 Miles
Cavendish GC, Buxton  Hazel Grove GC, 14 miles  Bramall Park GC, 17 miles  Reddish Vale GC, 19 miles

40 Miles
Sitwell GC, 37 miles, Bolton Old Links GC, 42 miles

60 Miles
Nelson GC, 60 miles  Walsall GC, 62 miles  Sutton Coldfield GC, 64 miles

Great value opportunities to play these MacKenzie courses

There are many more MacKenzie courses just a few miles further on, including Alwoodley GC, MacKenzie’s home club around 66 miles distance.

Before moving to expand his career abroad, MacKenzie designed or modified over 70 courses in England, Scotland and Ireland. Although some of these are no longer in existence, round 52 courses have survived and a list can be found on the website of the Alister MacKenzie Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

A handy Record Card is provided to mark-off the dates each course is played.
An elegant Certificate is awarded when all nine courses have been played.

There are a small number of golfers who have managed to play every MacKenzie course, although more are committed to achieving this goal. The ‘Cavendish MacKenzie Trail’ provides a great starting point for this ambition!

If you would like any help or advice in planning your ‘Cavendish MacKenzie Trail’ programme, please contact Rachel on 01298 79708 or email: proshop@cavendishgolfclub.com and she will be pleased to help.

We look forward to welcoming you and to your exploration of the ‘Cavendish MacKenzie Trail’.

Course fully open and clubhouse open with limited menu and social distancing measures. All Open Competitions going ahead as planned