Lost in the fog?

More snow likely

Garry’s Forecast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued Wednesday 10th January, 19:00

Thursday-Friday:  Gloomy, chilly, damp
A generally murky picture, with a likelihood of persistent fog. The level to which the fog forms may vary – at times filled in from lowest levels upwards, but may lift onto the surrounding hills. Hazy at best, and a rather damp atmosphere, but little or no measureable rain. Winds generally light, northerly then turning southeasterly by Friday. Little variation in temperature day and night, around 2 to 4C.

Weekend:   Staying dull and chilly
A strengthening east to southeasterly wind into the weekend, 10-20mph, strongest on Saturday. This should help lift the fog onto the hills, but it is likely to remain overcast and dull throughout. Not much to choose between the two days. Essentially ‘dry’, but a little drizzle is possible, and the grass will remain very damp. The ground may remain partly frozen following previous frosts and little subsequent lift in temperature. Staying around 1 to 3C.

Outlook for next week (15th-21st January): Cold winds, snow and hail    
A spell of rain is likely on Monday, accompanied by a brief slight lift of temperature, to about 5C. A cold front will then move through, and a cold pattern is expected to dominate the rest of the week. Frequent showers – of a wintry flavour, with snow and hail falling to low levels, with accumulations possible to Buxton level. Frequent blustery winds. Occasional sunshine. Max temperature only 2 or 3C. Around 0C overnight, giving a threat of ice following showers.

Further ahead (late January into February): Cold weather here to stay?
Indications favour pressure tending to build later in the month. This means drier, more settled weather is likely. The precise location of a zone of high pressure is crucial in terms of the wind direction we receive, and therefore the temperatures. Some suggestions would put high pressure around Scandinavia, producing a more common east or southeasterly wind and generally cold weather. Snow would be possible, but detail is naturally very uncertain at this stage.

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