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Cavendish memories

John Bentley is is a great volunteer for the club – particularly when it comes to acting as open competition starter and also capturing video coverage of club events.

John has videos of all captains’ days and many other special events going back over 30 years, which can be viewed on his You Tube Channel MrBenjay22



John created a great compilation of Seve’s greatest moments which have already been viewed 29, 000 times and rising. Click Magical Moments of Save to view.

John has been a regular Taskers (previously Marstons) Trophy Team player and commented on yesterday’s post concerning John Heapy’s appeal for help in organising the Taskers at Cavendish. So in John’s own words:

I read your blog re the over 50s trophy.

In 1993 when it was the Marstons Trophy, for the first time in 21 years, two teams from the same club contested the Final at Burton on Trent.
Yes you’ve guessed it they were from Cavendish !! 

Yours truly was in the winning team captained by Peter Freeman along with Brian Dewick, Malc Burgess, John Carr, the late John Slater and the late John Rushton.

Harry Carlisle’s team came second!

Among the many prizes like a tankard, tie, sweater etc was a crate of Pedigree each!
With at least 12 or 13 crates it was a good job we all went in a coach accompanied by Club Captain the late Tony Newton.

I’m sure Taskers treat the teams similarly and I hope John manages to get someone to take over.

The following year surprize, surprize, both Cavendish teams got drawn against each other in the first preliminary round and I think Harry’s team got their revenge!

I used to do the press cuttings from about 2005-2014 for the Buxton Advertiser and still have most of the originals covering Cavendish Club comps and Buxton Trophy/Henriques Putter etc.
If any Club member won one of these many comps and would like a copy I’d be happy to try and locate it for them. I also have the press cutting and photo of the Marston’s team.

Cheers JB

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