Green and Grey Christmas

Cavendish holiday FOREcast

The outlook through Christmas is a quiet one, with no real sign of any proper wintry weather yet. Grey skies with some fog will be the order of things for pretty much the rest of the year. Last weekend’s icy hazards show no sign of returning for the time being! There should be some opportunities for festive fun on the fairways over the next 10 days or so.

This weekend sees a mostly dry day on Saturday. A few brief showers are possible, coming in on a moderate westerly breeze. Sunday looks persistently damp, with some steady rain for several hours. Highs of 6 or 7C, and dropping no lower than 3C overnight.

Christmas Eve may see some residual dampness and murk, but it should be largely dry with a high of 6C.

Christmas Day will be a dry, but rather dull picture, with mild temperatures reaching 8C.

The outlook for the rest of the week stays quiet, with very little if any rain, but a rather damp atmosphere bringing leaden skies and fog at times. Frost will be rare if any, with temperatures ranging between 5 and 9C night and day.

It may become cooler toward New Year, but the weather still looks quiet as high pressure remains close to the British Isles.

Indications into the first 10 days of January point toward a more unsettled pattern developing, with possible storm systems coming in from the Atlantic.

There’s a greater scope for cold weather to set in as January moves on, with some hints of much colder weather with snow at times by mid-month and beyond.

It’s a long way off though just yet, so watch this space!

Don’t forget to grab a Landscapes & Cloudscapes calendar, supporting the Mend Our Mountains charity. You can order directly via , with secure payment via Paypal. There will be a few copies on the bar too between Christmas and New Year.

Have a peaceful Christmas and a great golfing New Year!

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