Great Work on the Course

18th tee compared

It’s interesting to see the 18th tee in 1925 and today in 2018.

The greens team have been very busy renewing tees and trimming trees with some impressive work on the 18th, 7th, 8th and 11th in particular.



The turf was laid today on the 7th and will make a big difference to that teeing area.

Couldn’t see ‘Chunky’ in the work party though as he was apparently busy digging something out of the 12th!

Some lovely sunshine today and a beautiful walk round the course.
Looking forward to playing Cavendish again in the summer …


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  1. Alan Webster
    Alan Webster says:

    Yes, some very good work going on but very disturbing the amount of trees that are disappearing from our course. Judging by the number of yellow crosses appearing on trees around the the 18th tee and 17th green the massacre has only just begun. Can the board please explain to the membership why we are now turning our attention away from self seeded trees to fully grown specimens that were part of McKenzies original design concept. Who is recomending this wholesale deforestation?


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