Gary’s Latest Weather Outlook

Not looking good for Saturday! Waterproofs and thermals at the ready!

The British summer is back to its usual tricks, and memories of last year seem very distant now! Low pressure is in charge, and unsettled weather is here to stay for the moment.

Heavy rain during Friday afternoon/evening will stay around into Saturday, pivoting slowly northwards across northern England. At the very least, rain will be ‘on and off’ much of Saturday, but probably more on than off! Total rain over 36 hours to the end of Saturday in the range 25-40mm – over an inch. It will be cool and blustery too, really unpleasant for early June. Westerly winds 20-25mph, gusting 35mph. Maximum temperatures in Buxton barely making it past 10C.

Sunday will be a better day overall, but there will be a scattering of showers, which will be on the heavy side, and a chance of a rumble of thunder locally by afternoon. Some sunny spells at least. A west to southwesterly breeze around 10-15mph. Temperature rising from 8C at dawn, to a high of 14C by afternoon, so still not exactly warm!

Next week looks likely to keep a theme of sunshine and showers, and temperatures nothing too special, maxima 14 to 17C. East or northeasterly winds are expected to prevail, maintaining a cool feel. There’s a chance that high pressure to the north will build slowly across the country with time, allowing things to settle down, but that’s a bit tentative at the moment. ‘Mixed weather’ is perhaps the best description for now.

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