Garry’s Winter FOREcast

Is proper winter just around the corner?

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Thursday 10th January, 21:00

‘Turned out nice again!’

Things are looking more unsettled than recent times heading into the weekend and beyond with brisk westerly winds bringing weather fronts in from the Atlantic. There’s no frost to concern us for a few days, but there’s increasing signs of wintry weather further ahead. Despite the benign weather so far this winter, there’s plenty of time for winter to bite!

Saturday:  Dull, damp and breezy

Rain and drizzle on and off through the day. There may be windows of drier weather in the morning, but it’s likely that rain will fill in through the afternoon. About 5mm over 24hrs, so not excessively wet. Generally dull, with fog on the hill tops. Breezy, westerlies 15-20mph. Temperatures around average at 5 or 6C.

Sunday:  Windy, occasional rain

A windy day. West to northwesterlies, 20-30mph, but gusting over 40mph, or stronger over the hill tops. Rain in the air at times, although may break up to leave drier spells. Mild at 7 or 8C.

Next Week:  Mild, then wintry weather developing?

Fairly mild with occasional rain or drizzle early in the week. Westerly winds will continue for a few days, strong and gusty at times. Temperatures on Monday-Tuesday reaching 6 to 8C, and staying at 3 or 4C or above overnight.

After midweek, things look like changing, as winds turn to the northwest, and increasingly chilly air gets drawn toward us. Snow or hail showers become possible, and a greater risk of frost and ice overnight.

We’ve been watching developments for the later stages of January for some time, because signals have been building for a colder pattern. Things are finely balanced, but if it sets in, then we could well be looking at a sustained cold pattern lasting into February. Snow and bitter cold is quite possible, so be ready for wintry hazards in the weeks ahead!

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