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FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Wednesday 11th July; 22:00

The weekend is looking good, but there’s a risk of thunderstorms before we get there…
Slack pressure, added humidity and an increasingly unstable atmosphere are the ingredients needed to spark off some downpours by the end of this week.

Thursday has a small risk of an afternoon shower, but the day should be mainly dry, with variable cloud. Warm and quite humid on both Thursday and Friday, with little wind and highs around 23C.

Friday has my attention, but there is still much to play for. Thundery downpours can be notoriously hit and miss. With little wind to move them along, where they form you will certainly know about it! At the moment, the greater risk is actually focused more on Wales and the south-west, but the threat extends into the western Midlands and and western Pennines.

Heavy bursts are not ideal at the moment, because the rain will simply run off the rock hard ground very quickly, triggering flash flooding locally.

The weekend:  Dry and warm
The instability of Friday afternoon will have eased, leaving the weekend more or less set fair. Any residual rain (if we see any!) will fade before dawn on Saturday, which may give a misty start. This will soon burn off, leaving a bright day, with sunshine and hazy high cloud.

Sunday will most likely stay dry with a good amount of sunshine again.

There will be some breeze throughout the weekend, west or southwesterly 7 to 10mph, occasionally stronger. Enough to make you think about club selection, but shouldn’t spoil the day. A breeze may be welcome, because it will be warm, climbing toward 25C both days.

Next week and beyond:  Mixed, messy, thundery rain possible
It’s going to be a difficult week, with things looking more active than recent weeks, but confidence of detail is not that high. There should still be some dry and warm weather, but the likelihood is that there will be some rain at times. Heavy bursts may break out with a risk of thunder some days. The overall theme for the rest of the month looks changeable. Some much wetter weather is possible, as lower pressure becomes established across the country. Temperatures for next week stay fairly warm, typically 20 to 23C.

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