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Much needed rain – but why Saturday?!

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Wednesday 13th June; 21:00

We can’t argue that we could really do with a drop of rain now, but couldn’t it choose a day other than Saturday to give us a soaking??!

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Thursday: Very windy, any early rain fading
Following a splash of rain overnight, there may be residual drizzly showers in the morning, but these will fade. It will be very windy, gusting 35-40mph in the morning. The strongest winds will slowly ease to leave a bright and breezy afternoon with sunny spells. Max 16C, dipping to 9C overnight into Friday.

Friday: Chance of a shower, less windy
A little patchy rain may occur overnight, but should amount to very little. Much of Friday will be dry, but a risk of showers drifting up from the south-west by about early afternoon. Fairly cloudy overall. A breeze from the south to south-west around 10-15mph. Max 16C.

Saturday: Wet, at least part of the day; cool
Low pressure is expected to move in from the west late on Friday, with some rain developing before dawn on Saturday. However, it looks like the early morning may escape mainly dry, but before the middle of the day, more organised rain wants to move in from the west, becoming persistent, with some heavy bursts thrown in for good measure, with a rumble of thunder possible. Total rainfall of 7 to 10mm looks believable, which would be a moderately wet day, but not a deluge. A breeze from the south/south-west, 10-15mph. A disappointing 13 to 15C.

Sunday: Bright, mainly dry
A ridge of high pressure nudges in from the west, bringing a better day overall. I wouldn’t rule out the odd passing shower, but there should be sunny periods too. A westerly breeze around 10-15mph. Max 17C.

Next week (18th-24th June): Improving, occasional rain possible
A fairly mobile weather pattern of west to southwesterly winds is expected next week. High pressure will try and build towards us from the Azores at times, bringing some bright days. There will also be fronts coming in from the Atlantic to bring occasional rain, although it looks like fairly small amounts. Nevertheless, 10-15mm over 5 days seems likely, which is ‘useful’, but not dramatic. Some breezy days, more wind than recent times at very least! There are hints of an improvement later in the week and into the weekend. Temperatures ranging between 16 and 21C by day, and 8 to 12C overnight.

Further ahead (end of June into July):  Heat, thunder, then a wetter spell?
Mixed is perhaps the best description! We may not fully settle down into a long dry spell again, but I think there will be drier intervals at least lasting a few days in a row. It’s possible that we might see a longer drier period, but I still think that if summer ‘breaks’ then we may go back to a generally wetter few weeks ahead. A renewed surge of heat is possible, but this coming with the threat of thunderstorms. Possibly turning very unsettled and wet before mid-July?

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