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Say goodbye to summer?

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Wednesday 6th June; 19:00

More problems with murk this weekend?

The weather remains stuck in a rather benign pattern, with some hill fog possible at times, but also some warm and sunny periods. However, big changes are on the way (as expected!) as we head for mid-June…

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Thursday: Dry, lots of sun

Any early low cloud will soon break up to leave a sunny day. Staying dry. Light winds, northeasterly 5 to 8mph. Not too humid, max 21C by afternoon.

Friday: Most likely dry, more cloud possible

Generally another dry and bright day, although a bit more cloud cover is likely. Small chance of a pop-up shower in the afternoon. A slight northeasterly breeze, 5 to 8mph. Starting around 10C, rising to 19C by afternoon and a little more humid.

Saturday: Murky start, humid

It looks like a murkier start, and a danger of being a repeat of last Saturday morning if the atmosphere saturates enough overnight! Some uncertainty, but hill fog could well be around in the morning down to Buxton level, then lifting and breaking through the day. Likely to stay dry, but a slim chance of a local burst of rain forming later. Light easterlies, around 5mph. Min 11C; Max 19C, quite humid; warmer if sun comes through.

Sunday: Dry overall, brighter

Most likely dry again, although precise detail is uncertain. Chance of local bursts of rain, but these should be further south across England. Quite humid again. Early low cloud should soon lift and break. A familiar east to northeast breeze, 5 to 8mph. Min 11C; Max 20C, possibly a touch warmer.

Next week (11th-18th June): Say goodbye to summer?

Substantially dry at the start of the week, but chance for local showers to break out Monday-Tuesday. High pressure is then expected to subside away allowing rain-bearing weather systems to move in from the Atlantic from midweek onward. This looks like a marked change of pattern, bringing spells of wind and rain across the whole country through the middle part of the month. The start of the week should remain warm, around 20C by day, but generally becoming cooler once rain arrives.

Further ahead (later-June): Better days, but will it struggle to settle?

It seems like the jet stream will be back in play through mid-month, bringing rain at times, but the presence of high pressure near the Azores may produce some runs of better days too, with rain occasionally steered north into Scotland. A better end to the month seems believable, but could this be the old British summer story of 3 fine days then a thunderstorm…?

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