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Frequent rain – possible snow next week

Well we asked for it – we need rain this winter to top up our reservoirs to prevent a drought crisis next summer.

The outlook for the week ahead brings weather systems in from the Atlantic frequently, with spells of rain, and an increasing risk of hill snow over the Peak District as next week progresses.

Looking at this weekend, it will be a wet start to Saturday morning. Rain totalling 7 to 10mm from overnight will continue post-dawn, tending to fade slowly, but leaving residual dampness into the middle of the day. By the afternoon, a few scattered showers are possible.

Further rain will come in from the south-west before dawn on Sunday, leading to another damp morning, with rain fading slowly. Showers possible on Sunday afternoon. Amounts fairly small, but another 3 to 5mm probably.

A moderate breeze, south to southwesterlies over the weekend, 10 to 15mph, at times less.

Top temperatures will hover around 9 or 10C, and 6 or 7C overnight this weekend.

Next week starts mixed, with patchy showery rain on Monday. A frost is possible into Tuesday morning as a brief clearer window develops. Tuesday starts bright, before rain returns into the evening. Midweek is looking unsettled, with rain and wind. A risk of snow over the top of the Peak District. Detail is uncertain, but there is scope for sleet or snow to lower levels later on Wednesday.

Later in the week stays unsettled, with a risk of another awkward mix of rain and hill snow toward next weekend (8th-9th). Thoughts into mid-December stay unsettled, perhaps stormy at times, with an ongoing battle between rain and hill snow. Wintry hits may be short lived, but there’s scope for some disruption due to snow. Hints toward Christmas favour milder southwesterlies at this stage, perhaps becoming drier too.


If you’re stuck for something to do this Saturday, why not check out the Christmas Market at the Hollowford Centre in Castleton? Garry will be there displaying his 2019 Landscapes & Cloudscapes weather photographic goodies!

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