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Winds of change

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued Thursday 1st November 18:00

We’ve had a taste of winter this past week with below average temperatures and frequent frost. It has been the coldest end to October for 10 years. Last weekend we had a strong northerly wind, but this weekend it’s a southerly, so at least things are now looking relatively milder. However, the outlook is more unsettled than recent times, with spells of wind and rain in the forecast…


Friday:         Chilly but sunny

Another chilly morning, with frost, but a glorious sunny day lies ahead. Just a chance of a squib of a shower first thing, but these will fade. A cool breeze, west later southwesterly, 10 to 15mph. Max temperature 9C, dipping away to 4C into the evening.

Saturday:    Windy, mostly dry

The wind will pick up overnight, so we should avoid a frost for Saturday morning. It will be a very blustery day, southerlies 20 to 30mph, with gales over the hill tops. Generally staying dry for many hours, although spots of rain in the wind will develop into more frequent rain later in the afternoon or by evening. Max 10C, but feeling closer to 3C where exposed to the wind.

Sunday:       Cloudy, rain on and off

A slow-moving weather front is forecast to drift slowly across England, resulting in generally cloudy skies with rain on and off through the day. A risk of steady rain for a few hours, although precise detail is uncertain. Rainfall amounts look fairly small, likely 5mm or less, but enough to make things miserable if it lasts for a while. Southerly winds around 10mph. Max 9C.

Outlook for next week (3rd-11th Nov):    Fairly mild, rain at times; frost rare

Frontal systems will frequently come in from the Atlantic to bring periods of rain, mixed with some drier days. Often cloudy, sometimes dull with fog over the hills. It doesn’t look excessively wet, but it is likely to rain often enough to start making things wetter underfoot. Progressively wetter weather looks possible as the week goes on and into mid-November.

The wind will be mostly south to southwesterly, so it temperatures will be mild, around 10C by day, and mostly above 5C overnight, with rare if any frost.

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