Garry’s Latest FOREcast

Welcome rain…

So long as the rain doesn’t outstay its welcome!

The away trip to Sitwell Park took place in a sweltering 28C on Tuesday this week.
We won’t see those temperatures for a little while at least!

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Wednesday 8th August; 21:00

General situation:

A cool air-mass moving across the British Isles will trigger heavy showers over the next couple of days, these most frequent on Friday. The weekend then sees low pressure and weather fronts move in from the Atlantic, bringing an unsettled prospect.


Thursday:  Fresh, chance of a shower

Generally dry in the morning, then by the middle of the day, a risk of localised showers popping up, but these well scattered and not everywhere will get them. Catch one though, and it will be heavy! Broken cloud and some sunshine. A light westerly breeze, picking up a little 5 to 8mph. Feeling fresh, starting around 10C at dawn, rising to 17C by afternoon.

Friday:  Heavy showers, cool

A broadly showery day from the word go. Bursts of rain likely to come and go, and might become frequent over a few hours. Total rain of 5 to 8mm is possible if a cluster of showers gets going. Chance of a rumble of thunder. Breezy and quite cool, westerlies 10-15mph, max temp 16C, but nearer 12C in rain.

Saturday:  Rain developing, increasingly windy

A different type of weather day – not showery as such, but a risk of some rain or drizzle on and off, and mostly cloudy. The morning looks dry, but rain is likely to develop, and then set in later. Rain continues into the evening and night, with some heavy falls possible. Winds strengthening south to south-westerly 10-15mph at first, later 25mph. Max 18C.

Sunday:  Threat of rain for many hours

Overnight rain is expected to continue into the daytime, breaking up slowly into showers, but a risk of some persistent rain even by afternoon. Total rain in 24-36 hours starting mid-Saturday may come to 20-30mm, perhaps more if fronts are slow to move through. A Sunday morning inspection could well find puddled greens! A brisk southerly wind 15 to 20mph. Max 17 to 19C.

Next Week:  Rain at times, some better days

Areas of rain and some heavy showers likely on Monday, becoming more scattered into Tuesday. Some improvement for a time, but further rain may come in during the week, so a ‘mixed’ outlook is the best description. Winds starting northerly, then becoming mostly west to southwesterly. Temperatures nothing special compared to summer so far, 17 to 21C.

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