Friday’s just ‘FORE’ Juniors

Friday’s junior coaching session was another successful and lively affair with enthusiastic youngsters taking part. All juniors used the piccolo course and putting green, but three juniors got the chance to play three main course holes with Mr Captain (Mike Higgins) who started as a Cavendish Junior himself!

Mike progressed from Cavendish Junior to Tour Professional and competed at the highest level. Mike is passionate about encouraging young (and not so young) people to try golf and the juniors learnt loads from him.

The training sessions aim to introduce juniors to other important aspects of the game such as basic rules and how to stay safe on the golf course. Golfers are required to warn other golfers by shouting ‘FORE!’ at the top of their voices.


CLICK THIS LINK to view the video which shows they seem to have learnt this lesson quite well …

The next juniors coaching sessions will be Friday 23 October starting at 4.15.
The sessions are free, well organised, safe, with all equipment provided and open to all boys and girls aged between 6-18.

If you have a child, grandchild, relative or a friend who would be interested, please do come along to these Friday evening sessions at Cavendish Golf Club.

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