French Hens Invade Club

Anti Brexiteers stage protest

The tranquility of the afternoon was strangely changed with the smell of onions and garlic, melodic accordion playing and a sea of red berets and matching stripped tee shirts.

It was like a scene from ‘Allo Allo’ with greetings such as ‘gid moanin’ and ‘I was just pissing by’ – not one of the Cavendish members could understand a word of the lingo, although one helpfully chipped in with a plucky ‘mange tout, mange tout!’

Cavendish members relaxing on the iconic balcony and surveying the scene saw this group of ‘Johnny Foreigners’ making their way down the road through the course and speculated that it must be an Anti Bexit Protest rally!

In the event, it turned out to be a rather splendid ‘Hen do’ with bride-to-be Anna adorned with a string of garlic leading the group and everyone coiffing Pims.

Anna who lives in Buxton, but whose family is from Chapel and whose father plays at Chapel Golf Club is getting married in France in August.

The picture shows Anna with three generations (mum, sister and niece) enjoying the experience.

It was a pleasure meeting such a lovely group of mock ‘French Hens’ and everyone at Cavendish wish Anna a ‘happy ever after’ in August.

Au revoir les enfants

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