Flair’s a Happy Bunny

Rick’s back playing

Our recent blog highlighting Rick Lowie’s heartbreaking story of GWS (golf withdrawal syndrome) has a happy ending! Hurrah!

The green’s staff pulled out all the stops and made a short course available for Saturday and today and Rick was able to play TWICE.





Rick couldn’t get the smile off his face even though he lost on both days and it cost him TWO English Pounds!!

Parzo and ‘Big Clive’ gave him a game alright and are reported to be in the process of framing the coinage for posterity!

Mother’s Day Lunches

Not only did members get out on to the course today, but from lunchtime throughout the afternoon, Fairways Eatery served around 100 special Mother’s Day lunches.

It was great to see the club full after things have been so quiet due to the weather.

Suzanne, as ever, was ready for action!



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