First Ladies Get Certificates

Sitwell Park fun for most … not Rick though!

The second Captain’s MacKenzie Mixed Away Day at Sitwell Park GC near Rotherham proved another fun experience for all but one of the players. The weather was superb, the course typically MacKenzie and the organisation, welcome and general support by prostaff, bar and catering simply flawless.

Sitwell Park GC is a famous MacKenzie-designed course and is one of the nine courses that comprise the Cavendish MacKenzie Trail. For three Cavendish Members it provided the final round for the completion of their personal ‘Trail’ and was marked by the presentation of their rather splendid personalised certificates by Mr Captain.

Yesterday, Frances Reynolds and Bridget Watson became the first ladies to complete the ‘Trail’ and along with Ray Rowland, became members of a very exclusive club – just 10 golfers, who can call themselves ‘MacKenzie Trailers!’

Many Cavendish members are just one or two courses shy of completing their ‘Trails’ and are making plans to organise their own visits to the courses still to be ‘tick off’ on their individual Record Cards. So we can expect some more certificates to be awarded imminently.


The scoring was a bit patchy but two golfers shone: Frances Reynolds who scored 38 points to win the ladies prize and Ashley Shepherd who scored a fabulous 40 points to win the mens prize.

Card draws were won by Fiona Heathcote, Chris Campbell, Les Gould and Pat Roper.

It’s fair to say that plucky, young Rick Lowey didn’t have the best of days but he he did manage to win the coveted ‘Last But Not Least Trophy’ … on a card play off!

Like Lionel before him, Rick will get the ‘honour’ of holding the trophy until 30 September when it will pass to the lowest stableford score made at Reddish Vale GC on the third and final Captain’s Mixed MacKenzie Away Day for 2018.

The course was in great condition and great fun to play – with the fairways so quick most players had difficulty in controlling the ball, but that only added to the enjoyment.


The Sitwell Park staff and welcome could not have been bettered – from the bacon sandwiches in the clubhouse service managed by Carl before we started, the friendliness and efficiency of Greg in the proshop and helpfulness with sorting buggies, to the truly excellent meal provided by Sue and her staff when we finished. A special mention has to be made of the service of coffees and teas in magnificent BONE CHINA cups. This meal has to be amongst the VERY BEST we have experienced. Thank you Sue.

Pat Campbell yet again captured everything on film – how he manages to afford all that celluloid we’ll never know – thank you once again Pat. Please see below a record of the great day we enjoyed together at Sitwell Park GC


Sorry you had to give up the special trophy Lionel – but Rick will now have that great honour until 30 September.

Special Note to M&H: Rick would like a full shot back on his handicap please!










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