Expert Agronomist Visit

STRI gives invaluable consultation

Along with most golf courses throughout the UK, Cavendish has been severely challenged by the persistent wet weather over an extended period. The wet weather makes it particularly difficult for our Green Keepers who are desperate to get out and prepare a course for members and visitors to play.

The Greens Committee is similarly tested but in addition, is charged with making sense of data and looking forward to take the best decisions for the future of our very special course.

At the invitation of Jonathan Gaunt, Adam Newton, Regional Turfgrass Agronomist for STRI Group, visited Cavendish to play the course and give us the benefit of his expertise.

Accompanying Adam on the round were Mike Higgins, Greens Director, Jonathan Gaunt, Brian Doig and Mike Watson. The course was still very wet with only 13 holes open, so they walked the ‘loop’. Mark and Anthony also met Adam during the visit.

Adam (2 h/c) was hugely impressed with the course, its stunning setting and the greens complexes in particular.

One of Adam’s key recommendations was to provide more aeration throughout the course. Tining of greens can be undertaken throughout the year, but the aeration of the fairways would need to wait until the end of the season.
The Greens Committee will now consider the invaluable information given by Adam and build into the course plan.

Did you know?

Members might be interested to learn that our course has a good mix of grass varieties: meadow grass, bent grass and fescue grass and that each variety prefers different temperatures to grow. The tougher bent and fescue varieties, will grow above 6 degrees C, whereas the meadow grass requires another 4 degrees to grow – so 10 degrees C. Currently the meadow grass minimums are still to be reached, although the forecast is looking good for next week!






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