Emeline ‘Holes in One!’

At last a DRY evening

After three rain affected Friday events organised by the Ladies Team to encourage ladies and girls to ‘Get into Golf’, it was a joy to experience a DRY Tuesday evening! Hurrah!

Cavendish Ladies were on hand to support and encourage our new enthusiasts, both young and ‘more mature’ to play the Cavendish Piccolo Course

Emeline McMahon and her younger sister Matilda were really enjoying playing the Piccolo course when they came to the 8th hole … and didn’t Emeline strike the ball sweetly and get it into the hole … IN ONE!!
Main Picture: Emeline pictured Right, Matilda Centre and Lady Captain, Fil Richards Left

Needless to say Emeline was DELIGHTED!

Getting a hole in one is still the ambition of the majority of golfers, so ‘didn’t she do well?’
The requirement to provide a bottle of whiskey as a celebration was waived on this occasion!

Very well done Emeline and also Matilda.
Both of these young budding golfers are looking forward to the next session.

Many thanks again to Cavendish Ladies for a great initiative.

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