Devonshire Trophy Play Off

It was Dave’s Day

The Devonshire Trophy played on 21 July led to a three-way tie for Julian Wildgoose, Darren Shipley and Dave Crisp. The board competition rules direct that these players must play again over 18 holes to decide the winner.


The play off took place on 29 July.
Julian shot 72 net and Darren 71 net but the competition was won outright by Dave Crisp who shot an amazing 63 net! Playing off 19 he shot 41 out and 41 in  =  82 – 19 = 63.

Dave said that the match was played in a very sporting manner and that it was a shame there had to be one winner in this way.

Dave also offered:

‘I didn’t think I’d be playing golf this year never mind winning a trophy – really chuffed!’

Looking on the bright side – Dave has been docked 3.5 shots!!

Congratulations Dave and commiserations to Julian and Darren.


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