Design Mystery Solved!

Recently we asked the question as to the design origin of the clubhouse entrance. We now have some conclusive evidence to share …

The main clubhouse was designed by a Buxton architect called Holland and built in 1925 by Brindley -hence our 90th anniversary year.

Charles-Rennie-MackintoshThe entrance was added in 1991 to a design from Allison Pike Partnership, Architects and Designers, based in Disley. The designers were asked to provide an ‘imposing link between the first and second floor’ and they did take inspiration from the 1930’s style and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

We are indebted to David Morten’s daughter Ruth Searl who as a designer herself, originally spotted the MacKintosh style. Ruth has subsequently offered the following information:

“As the club house was opened in 1925 and Charles Rennie Mackintosh died in 1928 it’s unlikely that he was involved in the design of Cavendish. Besides which, as a renowned Scottish designer and architect, if he had been involved then Cavendish Golf club would truly be on the map along with ‘The Willow Tea Room’ and ‘The Glasgow school of Art’!!” 

“I think it certainly has a flavour of the CRM style, particularly the balustrading. CRM’s designs were influenced by Art Nouveau, the Arts and Craft Movement and Japanese design with its simplicity.” 

Thanks also to Debbie Foulkes from Allison Pike Partnership for researching the background from 1991 and to Andrew Golden would kindly commented on the Facebook post suggesting the designers name.


Willow Tea Rooms, Glasgow designed by Charles Rennie MacKintosh.






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