Competition Results: CORRECTION

Club Stableford Competition: CORRECTION

Apologies for an incorrect result for this competition. 

Winner S Pearson 42 points cpo
2nd Carl Wagstaff 42 points cpo
3rd  C Martin 40 points
4th P Bell 38 points cpo





Saturday comps played in brilliant sunshine

After so much disruption to our club competition calendar, it was brilliant to experience real warmth from the brilliant sunshine as promised by our own Weather Eagle, Garry Nicholson. Two comps were played: the Winter League Finals and a Stableford Club Comp.

Winter league Final 1st Division

Winner P Major 40 points
2nd R Lee 37 points cpo
3rd B Minshull 37 points cpo



Winter League Final 2nd Division

Winner Mike Oakes 36 points
2nd J wildgoose 34 points
3rd P Ward 33 points

Twos P Major A Lownds B Minshull




7th April Anniversary Cup

Winner S Goldstraw 41 points
2nd K Hall 39 points
3rd M Forder 38 points cpo
4th E Wright 38 points cpo

Twos R Swain  G Cannon. B Minshull

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