Christmas ‘Roll-Up’ Bash

Let’s get together!

An initiative started 5 years ago by Pat Campbell continues to go from strength to strength.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the year at 9.30am, 10am and 12pm groups of Cavendish members meet up for the friendly roll-up games which are open to all members. It’s a great way to meet people and make/reinforce friendships and is an important structure within the club.

As friendships are forged, members tend to stick with a time slot that suits them and a consequence is that the three roll-ups don’t often get a chance to play together or meet up. Pat recognised this phenominum and thought it would be good for the cohesion in club to organise a special combined roll- up, ending up with a Roll-Up Christmas Lunch.

After the game participants enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal prepared by Steve, Stacey and their team. Before the results were announced there was a short a address by outgoing Seniors Captain Colin Pritchard and new Seniors Captain Ted Shepherd.

Brian Doig gave a very interesting synopsis of the new RNA rules of golf which will come into force next week. Plans are in place to run a rules session for members in January run by a member who is also a golf referee.

The Christmas ‘Bash’ took place on Wednesday and was a great success, with a record number playing and the dining room full for the lunch – and a waiting list for a second year running!

Captain Neil Flynn presented the prizes for the competitions. The winner with 30 points was John Heapy. John Cassidy took second place with 29 points.

The 10 o’clock roll up had a side competition with prize money coming from a small proportion of the £1 entry going towards this special event.

A very popular winner was Rick Lowey whose handicap (and parentage) were both brought into question following the announcement! Rob Garner came second, with ‘Plucky Johnny Bridgehouse winning the coveted Mike Reynolds wooden spoon award and collecting 5 x KitKats!

John Heapy and Mr Captain
Dr Cassidy with Mr Captain
Ever popular young Ricky with Mr Captain
Rob Garner with Mr Captain (with Pat Campbell looking decidedly drunk!)
Plucky Johnny Bridgehouse and his KitKats with Mr Captain!

Any new members looking to play friendly, competitive golf in 2019 can simply turn up and put a ball-in-the-bag.

SPECIAL NOTE: for the sake of clarity and especially for the uninitiated, this has absolutely nothing to do with BOIL-in-the-bag!

Thanks for organising Pat!

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