Chatsworth Bowl/Palace Trophy Results

‘Trying conditions’ for 36 holes

Yesterday’s weather would have tested any golfer’s resolve for 18 holes, but when you have to go out for a second 18!!**

The 36 hole Open competition is challenging at the best of times, but with storms to contend with as well, the competitors deserve ‘respect!’

The results were as follows, with wins for a visitor in the Chatsworth Bowl (Best Net) and Cavendish for the Palace Trophy (Best Gross).


Chatsworth Bowl.  (NET)
1st    K. Kotylo        74 – 63 – 137
2nd   K. Horvath     70 – 71 – 141
3rd    T. Kotylo        71 – 72 – 143
Palace Trophy (GROSS)
1st   N. Flynn          72 – 77 – 149
2nd  P. Durkin         77 – 75 – 152 (best back 18-hole)
3rd.  J. Williams      74 – 78 – 152
Congratulations to all our winners.
Vouchers will be posted to you.
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