Cavendish Hosts ‘MacKenzie Kist’ Match

British Golf Collectors v Alister MacKenzie Society

The annual match between the British Golf Collectors Society & the Alister MacKenzie Society took place once again at Cavendish on Friday 29 June. This team event is always a great spectacle, with many players sporting vintage golfing attire and also playing with vintage hickory clubs. The prize at stake is the ‘MacKenzie Kist’ – an antique golfers box believed to have been owned by the Great Doctor.

The event enjoyed idyllic conditions on a course set up to challenge every golfer to think his/her way around the course. Plenty of hickories and plus-fours were in evidence.

The weather was really hot and it was interesting to observe the hickory players carrying their bags of clubs, denying themselves the assistance of contemporary buggies as  enjoyed by some MacKenzie players.

There is an appropriate magazine quote from Golf illustrated 1900:

‘If it is too hot to wear a jacket, it is too hot to play golf’. 

Visitors travelled far and wide to play this competition:
Little Aston, Edgbaston, John ‘o Gaunt, York, Olton, Ullesthorpe, Gaudet Luce, Abergele, Lee Park, Stratford on Avon, Oakdale, Nelson, Lindrick, Sutton Coldfield, Mickleover, Stockport, Bramall Park, Reddish Vale and Cavendish.

However one British Golf Collector Society competitor won ‘hands-down’ having travelled from SOUTH SUDAN just to play the match!

Cavendish Captain ‘Nod’ Forder led the MacKenzie Society side, with newly-appointed Captain, Tony Norcott leading the ‘Collectors’ side.


After the match an excellent dinner was served followed by speeches from Richard Atherton (organiser), Tony Norcott and Bob Fletcher. Tony announced the result and confirmed that the ‘MacKenzie Kist’ will be staying with the Alister MacKenzie Society for another year.

We look forward to welcoming both societies again in 2019.

The British Golf Collectors Society was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting interest in the history and traditions of golf, and collecting items associated with that history. Current membership is around 600 based in all regions of Great Britain and abroad, particularly Continental Europe and the United States.




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