In March 2020, the then Board of Cavendish Club communicated to members that the Club was in dire financial straits with a real possibility that it would breach its lending limits and become insolvent. This situation arose due to difficult economic conditions and falling membership whilst costs were increasing and the Covid-19 Pandemic was sweeping the world.

Following this communication, the Board was refreshed, and a Member’s Survey was commissioned to seek the views of the widest group possible. This plan encapsulates the feedback from that survey. Below is a comprehensive strategic document outlining the goals that the new Board are aiming to achieve in time for the Club’s Centenary Year in 2025. It covers management & governance, membership & green fees, the golf course, marketing & communications, house and social, practice facilities, the golf shop/reception and the estate.

This document gives direction to the Board of Directors and provide members with a clear view of what is trying to be achieved. It sets out realistic goals and the actions that will be taken to achieve them. This document will be supported by annual business plans with forecasts based on sound and prudent accounting principles. As circumstances change, the Board will adapt the plan keeping members informed every step of the way.