Cavendish On Tour

‘Devon, I’m in Devon!’

For 20 years Malcolm and Colin Pritchard have been running a 4-day ‘golfing tour’ at the end of August.
For the past 11 years the tour has been to Ashbury Manor Golf Complex in Okehampton, Devon.

With multiple courses to play, hundreds of buggies, great food and also multiple activities to experience, the holiday is action packed and offers exceptional value.

The following pictures (courtesy of Pat campbell, our own resident photographer) give a flavour of what goes on …

Fun, Fun, Fun …

Yes there were winners, but the most important outcome is that everyone has as much fun as possible.

Our thanks once again to Malcolm for his brilliant organisation and a special thanks to our brilliant ‘Fines Master’ who excelled his already high standard.

Quote from P J Collins:
“I’ve never experienced more entertainment in 30 minutes!’
Well done Colin!

The booking has already been confirmed for 2018 and everyone is welcome to join.
If you are interested please get details from Malcolm.

The Players

The Prayers

The Prize Presentation & ‘Fines’

Mens Open AMAM Results

Sunday 3 September Results

1st S Chester , G Shelton , A Carter , L Cameron 82 PTS

2nd S Aitken , I Truman , T Law , N Ghislanzoni  79 PTS CPO

3rd P Major , J Haddon , A Woodward , G Morgan 79 PTS. CPO

4th D Bullock , S Mousley , L Gregory , G Reynolds 78 PTS. CPO

5TH B Fairbrother , S Glenwright , D McDermont , D Counselling 78 PTS CPO.

N/P 15th R Coleman
N/P  17th June Frith
L/D D Bullock

PGA Professional Experiences Cavendish

Cavendish VLOG: Hole by Hole

Peter Marsh, PGA Professional, from Sandhill Golf Range, Barnsley, has created a large following for his excellent video course reviews which help golfers gain a real insight into the courses visited.
The VLOGS give a professional’s understanding of a golf course in a relaxed and humorous style.
Last week Peter chose to visit Cavendish with three other colleagues from Barnsley and recorded them playing the full 18 holes – covered in two parts. The final ’Saturday Summary’ at the end of Part 2 is particularly worth a view.
The videos (which are now live on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube) give a brilliant endorsement of the club and are WELL WORTH watching.
Peter Marsh
Sandhill Golf Range

Dave & Mick ‘Bottom Out’

Every picture tells a story!

There were fun and games at yesterday’s roll up as you can clearly see from the annotated picture.

For those who are not quite sure we are indebted to our own ‘roving reporter’ and all-round ‘Good Samaritan’, Alan Webster for the picture and the following explanation.

Apparently Alan and Eric were came across young Dave Preece and youthful Mickey Brown in a state of some confusion yesterday when they managed to ‘bottom out’ their buggy on the first. Alan was convinced Dave had tried his well-rehearsed handbrake turn manoeuvre, but had miscalculated the additional weight due no doubt to the excessive volumes of Aldi Dream bars he consumes, but no, Dave protested that the ‘ground just jumped up at him!’

Yes I know … ‘that old chestnut!’

Anyway Alan and Eric, like the good Samaritans we know them to be, manfully tried to push the buggy off the mound. Alan reports that Dave insisted on driving the said vehicle.

Unfortunately Eric was pushing from behind the buggy and in direct line with the wheels, which were now revving quite vigorously (as Dave wanted to get on with his game!) and this created a potent mixture of grass, mud and water to spray Eric from head to foot!

Although dear reader one might want to congratulate Eric for manfully sticking to his position in this whole sorry saga, his playing partner and fellow Good Samaritan, could only muster the following comments.

I know how you like photos of members in distress.
This was today on the first.
Old buggers holding up all the field because they bottomed out. Fat bastards! 
Webster and Taylor had to lend a hand.
Scousers just don’t think do they!
No monetary or eatable rewards I’m afraid. 
Tight buggers.

Alan certainly has a way with words and his sucinctness is admirable.

R&A Member Experiences Cavendish

Eddie comes home

Eddie Birchenough is a great friend and lifelong advocate of Cavendish GC.
As a boy Eddie used to live on Nithen Farm near the club and learnt to play golf at Cavendish, where he caddied for the members.

Eddie’s golfing career saw him travel the world competing at the highest level as a tour professional, before eventually becoming Head Professional at Royal Lytham & St Annes where he served with distinction for 27 years. Eddie played a pivotal role in many Opens when they were held at RL&SAGC.

Eddie played Augusta on 20 occasions and there is probably no one better equipped to compare the two great MacKenzie-designed courses of Cavendish and Augusta, the iconic venue for the US Masters held every April..

As improbable as it may seem, there are still golfers who have never even heard of Buxton’s MacKenzie’s Masterpiece set close to the beautiful Peak District National Park!

Eddie takes the opportunity to encourage discerning golfers to visit Cavendish and experience the exquisite greens complexes for themselves and today we were delighted to entertain Professor David Collinson, past Captain of Royal Lytham and R&A Member, to play the course. David has been a single figure handicap player since his university days and has also played some of the best courses in the world.

“A design masterpiece”

David thought the course was brilliant and great fun to play, with every hole different from the rest. His considered opinion was that Cavendish was a ‘design masterpiece!’
He has said he will definitely return to try to master the greens!

Eddie’s famous quote has stood the test of time:

‘There are two types of golfers – those that have played Cavendish and those who wished they had’

Cavendish is regarded as ‘The Most Authentic MacKenzie-Designed course in the world’:

Super Cavendish

Where else would you rather be?

A few pics taken earlier this afternoon – great weather, course in great condition and unrivalled views.


Steve Doyle-Davidson Trophy Results

Aaron wins with 63

Saturday’s warm weather encouraged a high proportion of members to reach for their shorts to play in the Steve Doyle Davidson Trophy – an important board competition in the Cavendish calendar.

Many members will have fond memories of Steve Doyle-Davidson and also Katie Doyle-Davidson who were both important people in the club’s history.

The greens have made significant progress since being dressed a few weeks back and were running much quicker, although a small amount of sand is still holding on the balls. Another week will see them back to their best. CSS was 69.

Aaron Woodward shot a brilliant 68 gross (63 net) to win the Trophy.

Steve Doyle-Davidson Trophy – Results

(26/08/2017 CSS: 69 Par: 68)

1st Aaron Woodward 68-5c=63
2nd Joseph Linzey 73-8c=65
3rd Julian Wildgoose 81-16c=65


Lady Captain’s Day Results

Good weather at last

After several abortive attempts, Lady Captain, Bridget Thornton, managed to complete one of the most important competitions in the Ladies’ calendar. The weather was good

The competition was medal format and although the weather was good, the conditions were challenging which reflected the CSS at 74.


Results were as follows:
1st Anna Major 85 – 11 = 74
2nd Fiona Heathcote 98 – 23 = 75
3rd Bridget Watson 96 – 20 = 76








Heart Stopping Moment

Member funds new AED

A generous member has paid for a new and updated Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for the club.
This generosity will help the club respond to emergency situations and could save lives.

Health & Safety Director, Terry Duggan, knows all about emergency situations from his long service in the Cheshire Ambulance Service and has now purchased an excellent new machine.

The new AED is situated in the corridor, behind the spike bar, and next to the old telephone box.


It requires a pink coloured key to open the locked box. Two keys are available:

1 Reception
2 Behind the bar

So if an emergency situation occurs just access the key and use the machine.
The machine gives audio instructions and is very easy to use.


An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillationand pulseless ventricular tachycardia in a patient,[1] and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

With simple audio and visual commands, AEDs are designed to be simple to use for the layperson, and the use of AEDs is taught in many first aid, certified first responder, and basic life support (BLS) level cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes.

The portable version of the defibrillator was invented in the mid-1960s by Frank Pantridge in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a pioneer in emergency medical treatment.

Tess & Blue Rabbit 

Junior D&C Final

‘Blue Rabbit’, the Cavendish junior mascot and Tess Qualtrough, young Archie’s sister and the team’s biggest supporter, attended the Derbyshire & Cheshire Junior final league match at Cavendish yesterday.

Hazel Grove GC juniors won the final with Cavendish coming 4th out of 6 teams.

The photo shows the Hazel Grove team being congratulated by Pat Campbell, Cavendish Junior Organiser.

Pat praised the Cavendish team as doing particularly well with a very depleted team – just 4 eligible members with difficulties in fielding full teams.


Calling all Juniors!

The players this year were Captain Reese Swain (in the shorts) next to him is Jack Fenton who will be next years Junior Captain, Louis Wright and Archie Qualtrough.

Clearly to improve for 2018 we definitely need some more players as we now have only 3 eligible to play (under 18 with a handicap).

If any boys or girls are interested please get in touch through Rachel, Matt or Simon in the Golf Shop.

No doubt Tess and Blue Rabbit will be there in support!