Ted’s on his bike to raise money for charity

Ted Shepherd recently took on a 100 mile bike ride to Skegness in order to raise money for Charity. Ted managed to raise £250 for this which he has kindly split between Golf Club Refurbishment Fund and Lady Captains Charity – The First Responders. Ted would like to thank all members for sponsoring him and for helping out two great causes!

Ted Shepherd on his 100 mile trip to Skegness

Lady Captain’s Day 2019

Lady Captain would like to thank all of the Ladies Section who embraced her flower theme for Lady Captain’s Day on Thursday. The competition was played in blustery conditions but it didn’t stop everyone from enjoying themselves. Lady Captain would like to also send her thanks to; Warwick and his Greens Staff for having the course in fantastic condition, Paul, Ed, Matt and Blaine for the wonderful food and hospitality, Ted Shepherd serving some much needed cocktails at the halfway house plus John Bentley and Pat Campbell for recording the memorable day.

 The winner of the Lady Captains Trophy was Terri Gould with 31pts, 2nd – Chris Campbell with 29pts, 3rd – Anne Peacock with 28pts.

Brenda Smith won the Past Captain’s competition and Gill Finney won the 9 hole competition as well as winning nearest the pin on the 4th hole.

1st Place – under 20 handicap – Max Chuwen. 1st Place – 20 – 30 handicap – Julia Rowland. 1st Place – 30 handicap and above – Rachel Child.

Lady Captain’s Day 2019 – Prizes
Lady Captain’s Day 2019

Garry’s latest FOREcast

Weekend FOREcast – Blustery and cool with showers

After another soaker on Friday and Friday night, things will be somewhat better this weekend, with bright, breezy conditions – a mix of sunshine and a few showers.

Another inch of rain will likely have fallen in 24 hours by dawn on Saturday, so things will be rather wet underfoot, but much of Saturday will escape dry. A few passing showers are to be expected, which over an hour or so may be frequent, but there will be plenty of dry weather through the day.

Sunday has a greater risk of showers, spreading from the west from early in the day, and a scattering blowing through on a stiff breeze through the afternoon. Monday will be pretty similar too, with a familiar mix of sun and showers, perhaps some frequent rain over a couple of hours. Total rainfall over 3 days around 3-8mm, depending on frequency of showers.

The wind will be brisk over the next few days, west to southwesterlies, adding a couple of clubs to shots into the wind. Speeds 15-20mph, occasionally stronger later Saturday and early on Sunday. The Peak District hill tops may gust gale force for periods.

Temperatures will stay nothing special, highs of 16 to 18C over the weekend, and feeling cooler in the wind. Overnight lows around 10C.

Further into next week, Tuesday looks a better day, before Wednesday may become dull and damp again. Mixed conditions may prevail beyond that, but some indications are looking more optimistic for the later stages of August, as high pressure starts to rebuild around the British Isles. Temperatures probably climbing back to respectable levels around the 20C mark, and there’s a chance of a few much warmer days before month end. 

I wouldn’t go all out for an Indian summer just yet though, because some indications for the start of September look shaky. However, often these poor spells through August do tend to lead into some more benign weather heading into early autumn, so it won’t surprise me to see a quiet spell of weather further into September or even October.

For now, we’re stuck with a few more changeable days yet.

Golfshake.com reviews Cavendish

Cavendish recently welcomed Golfshake to come and see the improvements that we have made over the past couple of years. 

Golfshake.com is a place for golfers to get together online and discuss the latest hot topics in golf, chat, ask for advice, write blogs and air their views. It provides a wealth of knowledge on everything golf including reviews and tips on courses, travel destinations, technique and equipment. Above all it is a place where golfers can enjoy themselves and their game.

Cavendish is currently ranked as the 2nd best course in Derbyshire by Golfshake’s 90,000+ active members, but hopefully with an up to date review, outlining all of the work that Warwick and his team have done to the course, as well as the changes we have seen in the club thanks to Ricardo and Paul, we will be looking to claim the number one spot.

Take a look for yourself and see what they said about our club, I think it’s safe to say that they liked what we have done so far!


All hands on deck for maintenance week

The green staff have been busy this week with golf course maintenance projects. Thankfully, the weather has been kind which has meant that so much has been achieved.

All 19 greens have been cored with 5mm diameter tines at close spacing to a depth of 75mm. Once all cores were removed and surfaces blown of debris, Sarrol rolling was carried out in 3 directions to add more aeration holes at a depth of 25mm. Then sanding took place using a pure sand top dressing and brushed into the green upper profile. Finally all greens were vibro rolled to push all remaining sand into the turf canopy and help roll the green surfaces reducing any surfaces disruption.

The intention with the good weather forecast for Thursday is another top dressing and brush that will take place on all greens. It is hoped that the rain predicted for Friday will wash this dressing into all remaining tine holes. In total over 20 tons of sand will be used.

Next week the greens will be sprayed with a nitrogen based liquid feed to help stimulate growth and help quicken up the recovery phase. In addition to the greens, the greens staff took the opportunity to cut, scarify, seed and top dress all the tees. With the current perfect warm and wet climatic condition the seed should ‘pop’ very quickly and help improve grass coverage on these important playing areas.

Warwick would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the Greens staff for their hard work and doing a very professional job, thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped out this week, either by picking up cores or divoting fairways, your help is much appreciated by all of the green staff, and has helped us push on with our work. Also, to Bob for cutting fairways and rough for us this week. It has allowed the green staff to just concentrate on the important maintenance operations, and also kept the course looking sharp and shaped up. Finally, Thank you to the members of Cavendish for your patience whilst this essential work is achieved.

It is hoped that with good weather, all surfaces will recover within the next 10 days.

Men’s Axe Edge Open Results

On a rare day of good weather this week, the sun was out shining for a full field of golfers for the Axe Edge Open.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the course in such great condition and enjoyed the fantastic half way house as a spot to take a well earned break and refresh.

Thank you to everyone who played, took part in the raffle and helped to organise such a successful day.


1st Place

S WHALLEY / A DEAN 45pts – £100 each.

2nd Place

M  OAKES / J LINZEY 44pts – £90 each CPO BACK 9 (23pts)

3rd Place

P JACKSON / N FLYNN 44pts – £80 each CPO BACK 9 (21pts)

4th Place

I KINSEY / M RIMMER 43pts – £70 each CPO BACK 9 (23pts)

5th Place

M MacDONALD / J BROGDEN 43pts – £60 each CPO BACK 9 (22pts)

6th Place

J HADDON / J LOMAS 43pts – £50 each CPO BACK 9 (21pts)

7th Place

N MARCHI / M POOLE 43pts – £40 each CPO BACK 6 ON FRONT 9 (15pts)

8th Place

R SNELLGROVE / S WILLIS 43pts – £30 each CPO BACK 6 ON FRONT 9 (13pts)

Nearest to the Pin – 4th Hole – M OAKES 40cm

Nearest to the Pin – 17th Hole – M OAKES 48cm

Longest Drive – 6th Hole – J HADDON

Men’s Seniors Open 4BBB Results

Yet again, our visitors enjoyed the course and we received many complimentary comments, and they were surprised to see how quickly it had recovered from the deluge it had thrown at it the day before, as the members were too!

Thanks to the green staff as they have pulled out all the stops to make the course playable for this varied week of weather and congratulations to all of the prize winners.


1st Place

N GREEN / J HICKTON 46pts – £100 each – WORTLY GC

2nd Place


3rd Place

T LINDLEY / S HYATT 43pts – £80 each  CPO BACK 9 (21pts) – RETFORD GC

4th Place

A BRADLEY / P FEW 43pts – £70 each CPO BACK 9 (20pts) – EREWASH VALLEY GC

5th Place


6th Place

R DOYLE / M PONDER 41pts – £50 each CPO BACK 6 (15pts) – BARNSLEY GC

7th Place


8th Place

C DARWENT / S FRITH 41pts – £30 each CPO BACK 6 (13pts) – SANDIWAY GC

Nearest to the Pin 4th Hole – M FLITT 45cm – BRAMHALL PARK

Nearest to the Pin 17th Hole – J ADKIN 1. 175m – EREWASH

Longest Drive 6th Hole – K BLOOR – CAVENDISH

Mixed Open 4BBB Results

Despite all of the bad weather this week, the rain did hold off long enough for us to get some golf in on Tuesday and hold our Mixed Open 4BBB.

The greens team again did a fantastic job to make the course playable and in such great condition. Thank you to everyone who played and enjoyed their day and congratulations to the prize winners.

Results of Mixed Open 4BBB – Tuesday 30th July

1st Place

N FLYNN / F WYLIE 47pts £60 each – CAVENDISH GC

2nd Place


3rd Place

T SHEPHERD / L GREEN 41pts £40 each CPO ( BACK 9 22pts) – CAVENDISH GC.

4th Place

P MELLOR / T MELLOR 41pts £30 each CPO ( BACK 9 18pts) – CHAPEL EN LE FRITH GC.

Garry’s latest FOREcast

Rain, rain, go away...

It’s been a classically dismal period of British summer weather, as a potent low pressure system has rotated across the country this week. Rainfall totals in the Peak District have topped 75mm (3 inches) since the weekend, turning our babbling brook into a raging torrent. We are not alone – most of the country is in a soggy state, with dramatic scenes of flash floods reported in the Yorkshire Dales on Tuesday.

General situation:

A slow-moving cyclonic situation that prevailed in midweek is moving out into the North Sea, and pressure builds a little for the rest of this week. Showers are still likely to form, but drier periods will be longer lived. Into the weekend, weather systems will start to encroach back in from the southwest. Less severe, but not ‘dry’. The outlook remains generally unsettled.

Thursday: Hit and miss afternoon downpours    

Residual rain from late Wednesday will finally fade to become light and patchy tonight and early Thursday – the morning largely dry. Mostly cloudy, only occasional sun.

By the middle of the day, an increasing risk of showers forming over the Peak/Pennines, which will form into local slow-moving bands, these very hit and miss locally. A fine margin between just small amounts of rain and sustained heavy or torrential bursts with thunder.

Wind N-NW 10-15mph. Max 19 to 21C; Min 11 to 13C.

Friday: More often dry, chance showers   

Dry overnight Thursday into Friday. A greater likelihood of staying substantially dry through the day. However, isolated showers remain possible, which during afternoon will be locally slow-moving. A little sun now and again. Wind E-NE 7-12mph. Max 18 to 20C; Min 10 to 12C.

Saturday-Sunday: Risk of rain now and again    

Much of the time it is likely to be dry. Patches of rain occasionally, and some heavier showers are possible. In general, rainfall totals should be less concerning overall. Need to watch how much rain develops during Sunday, a risk of some heavier falls forming later.

Wind SSE becoming SSW 10-15mph occasionally less. Max 19 to 21C; Min 11 to 13C.

Next week: Rain frequent, threat very wet well into August    

The message remains broadly unsettled. Fairly humid southwesterly winds will bring bursts of rain from time to time. A pattern which looks stubbornly persistent much of the week. Variations from day to day in who sees the worst of the showers. With a reasonable degree of confidence, the outlook well into August is unsettled, wetter than average, potentially very wet some days. No imminent heatwave or sign of dry, settled weather.

Seniors Open AMAM Results

After the horrendous weather over the weekend, the prospects of the course being open and the competition staying on were looking slim. Luckily, we had a nice, sunny day and we have a fantastic greens team that were able to get the course in superb condition for the players to get out on to the course and play some golf.

We received great comments from all our visitors, who had a great day and enjoyed the course. Congratulations to all of the winners and a HUGE thank you to the staff for preparing the course and for those who made a successful day.


1st Place

K BLOOR , S BELL , S LEIGH , I CREASEY – 86pts CPO (BACK 9 45pts) – £80 each


2nd Place 

P MAJOR , S BELL , I ANNABLE , N WHITHOUSE – 86 pts CPO (BACK 9 43pts) – £70 each


3rd Place

J WAITE , G BUTLER , P CLEAVER , H BAKER – 83pts – £60 each


4th Place

N WAITE , R THOMAS , T MOSCROP , K HOLIDAY – 82pts CPO (BACK 9 41pts) – £50 each


5th Place

C JONES , G SCHOULER , B STANHOPE , A REEVES – 82pts CPO (BACK 9 40pts) – £40 each


6th Place

M BURGESS , I KETTLES , D THOMSON , K HALL – 82pts CPO (BACK 9 35pts) – £30 each


Nearest to the Pin, 4th Hole – K HALL, CAVENDISH £20

Nearest to the Pin, 17th Hole – I CREASEY, BUXTON HIGH PEAK £20

Longest Drive, 6th Hole – M PORTHOUSE , SHERWOOD FORREST £20