Snow Saturday, but no Ski Sunday!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

The current cold spell will culminate in a fall of snow over the Peak District later on Saturday.
Saturday morning will be largely dry, but cold with frost in the ground, then snow flurries are expected to move in during the afternoon, setting in for a few hours as it goes dark. A good covering is likely, but temporarily, and it will start becoming slushy as we move overnight into Sunday. At lower levels, it will tend to become rain as milder air encroaches in from the Atlantic.
Sunday daytime is then looking a relatively milder day, with sunshine and a few showers, and snow should thaw except over the hill tops. Temperatures lifting toward 6C.
The outlook for the week ahead is then generally mild, with wind and rain at times. Temperatures ranging between 5 and 9C by day, and overnight frost rare.
There may be changes as we head into Christmas week though, as some indications start to draw cold air masses back towards us. Much could yet change of course, but I suspect the next round of weather pattern changes will be afoot by Christmas, and the period onward toward New Year could bring us into a more marked cold spell.
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Santa Visits Cavendish

It’s official – the ‘BIG GUY’ is 6′ 7” tall

The clubhouse was buzzing yesterday in anticipation of the ‘BIG GUY’S’ visit

45 children with supporting parents and grandparents thronged the lounge for the annual children’s Christmas Party.

The kids were enthralled with magician Liam from Laylo Magic who kept them amused with magic and balloon making throughout.  A Craft Corner was very successful this year managed by Joanne Townsend and Saskia: the children just loved making their Christmas cards, decorated wooden trees, baubles and reindeers.

Members from the ladies section donated gifts to enable Chris and Julia to fill two bran tubs for the children.  Party refreshments were provided before the arrival of the ‘Big Guy’.

The children gathered round the veranda with delight to see Father Christmas in his fairy lit buggy coming over the fairways and arriving in style before entering the clubhouse with the masses of children waiting for him.

Many of the children were so surprised that the ‘BIG GUY’ was sooooo tall (a veritable GIANT!)

Father Christmas gave all the children a present, but he had to leave as there were still lots of logistics to sort back in Lapland!  Everyone really appreciated that the BIG GUY could make time to visit the club.

Mr. Captain Neil and Lady Captain Linda would like to thank everyone who gave up their time to help and support this event. The huge response to this event was fantastic and they hope to have more  family fun events in 2019. HO HO HO!

Special thanks to Chesnut Bonsai for allowing us to us Santa Magic.

Lady Captain’s Christmas

Linda’s surprises

Lady Captain, Linda, organised two days to get the ladies into the Christmas spirit.

On Thursday the ladies braved the wind playing a 7 hole Christmas competition resulting in a win for Chris Campbell, with Terri Gould coming second and Rachel Child in third place.



After the match 33 ladies enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch and were challenged by a Christmas quiz set by Pat Bentley and Tina Turner. Musical entertainment was provided by the superb Danielle Banks, plus the customary 12 days of Christmas orchestrated by Pam Brindley!

A great afternoon was had by all.

On Saturday Lady Captain hosted a wreath/swag/table decorating workshop for the ladies to show off their own talent … budding florists in the making!

Mr Captain demonstrated his support by attending and created a natty little floral number – well that wasn’t really accurate as he didn’t stay to help … even when tempted by the mulled wine and mince pies kindly contributed by Bridget Watson!

Many thanks to Margaret (professional florist) and Julia for their expertise and help.






The Ups and Downs of Winter!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

FOREcast for Cavendish Golf Club
Issued: Thursday 6th December 2018, 18:00

It’s staying rather unsettled over the next 10 days or so, although some days will be better than others! Temperatures will continue to vary between quite mild and rather chilly, but there isn’t a ‘big freeze’ upon us just yet.

For now, a westerly wind will prevail keeping things fairly mild. This will switch northwesterly over the weekend, turning things cooler.

Friday will be a breezy day. A period of rain overnight will fade in the morning, then some showery bursts with possible hail will follow into the afternoon. Total rain over 24 hours will be about a half inch, (10-15mm) so will top up the increasingly soggy ground. Mild, 11C.

Further bursts of rain will continue overnight into Saturday, although by Saturday morning there should be a good few hours which are dry. Rain is likely to return by afternoon into evening. Another 7-10mm is likely. A blustery day – strongest winds first thing on Saturday gusting 30-40mph.

A few brief showers are possible early on Sunday, but becoming well scattered, and there is a better chance of some sunshine. A chilly breeze around 15mph.

Weekend temperatures will top out at 8C on Saturday, then nearer 6C on Sunday. No frost this weekend, but Monday morning looks likely to start cold, possibly close to freezing.

A couple of quieter, chilly days are likely early next week. Some cloud, possible fog, and a risk of frost. By midweek onward, things look more unsettled again, with scope for rain and hill snow.

The general outlook toward Christmas is more of the same. Probably an ongoing battle between rain and hill snow, with the chance for a few colder snowier days developing at some point.

Overall though, I’d lean toward a milder story heading into Christmas at this stage.

Garry’s 2019 Charity Calendar

My 2019 Landscapes & Cloudscapes Calendar is available now, with arty weather scenes from around the country. I’m supporting the Mend Our Mountains charity, which undertakes footpath repair in the Peak District and beyond to preserve our best loved landscapes.




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John Bentley & Taskers

Cavendish memories

John Bentley is is a great volunteer for the club – particularly when it comes to acting as open competition starter and also capturing video coverage of club events.

John has videos of all captains’ days and many other special events going back over 30 years, which can be viewed on his You Tube Channel MrBenjay22



John created a great compilation of Seve’s greatest moments which have already been viewed 29, 000 times and rising. Click Magical Moments of Save to view.

John has been a regular Taskers (previously Marstons) Trophy Team player and commented on yesterday’s post concerning John Heapy’s appeal for help in organising the Taskers at Cavendish. So in John’s own words:

I read your blog re the over 50s trophy.

In 1993 when it was the Marstons Trophy, for the first time in 21 years, two teams from the same club contested the Final at Burton on Trent.
Yes you’ve guessed it they were from Cavendish !! 

Yours truly was in the winning team captained by Peter Freeman along with Brian Dewick, Malc Burgess, John Carr, the late John Slater and the late John Rushton.

Harry Carlisle’s team came second!

Among the many prizes like a tankard, tie, sweater etc was a crate of Pedigree each!
With at least 12 or 13 crates it was a good job we all went in a coach accompanied by Club Captain the late Tony Newton.

I’m sure Taskers treat the teams similarly and I hope John manages to get someone to take over.

The following year surprize, surprize, both Cavendish teams got drawn against each other in the first preliminary round and I think Harry’s team got their revenge!

I used to do the press cuttings from about 2005-2014 for the Buxton Advertiser and still have most of the originals covering Cavendish Club comps and Buxton Trophy/Henriques Putter etc.
If any Club member won one of these many comps and would like a copy I’d be happy to try and locate it for them. I also have the press cutting and photo of the Marston’s team.

Cheers JB

Taskers: John Needs Some Help

What is the ‘Taskers Trophy?’

Taskers is an inter-club knock out golf competition for Gents and Ladies aged over 50 and up to 18 handicap, open to all clubs in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Leicestershire & Rutland.

2016 Taskers Trophy Inter-Club

All the teams competing in the 2016 Taskers Trophy Competitions make a fantastic contribution to support junior golf in their county

Posted by Taskers Trophy Inter-Club on Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Enter Now!

Entry for the 2018 Taskers Trophy Inter-Club Golf Competitions for the over 50s is now open at

Posted by Taskers Trophy Inter-Club on Saturday, 14 October 2017

It is sponsored by Taskers UK, where proceeds from the entry fee are distributed to participating county golf unions for the development of junior golf.

Winners from the first round go on to compete for ‘The Taskers Trophy’ and the losers go on to compete for ‘The Taskers Plate‘.

in 2018 there were 127 teams who entered the competition from 77 clubs and nearly 1200 golfers took part. During John’s time as Captain, Cavendish has reached the mens final once and semis a couple of times, but never managed to win it.


John’s Problem

The bottom line is that John can no longer carry on as Captain of the Cavendish team as his handicap is now over 18 and so needs to find someone to take over.

If anyone would like to take on this responsibility please give John a ring and he’ll be able to answer any questions and fill you in on the finer points. John will of course be available to give advice and share his knowledge and experience.

Please call John on:
01782 638528
07967 827637


Garry’s Latest FOREcast

Frequent rain – possible snow next week

Well we asked for it – we need rain this winter to top up our reservoirs to prevent a drought crisis next summer.

The outlook for the week ahead brings weather systems in from the Atlantic frequently, with spells of rain, and an increasing risk of hill snow over the Peak District as next week progresses.

Looking at this weekend, it will be a wet start to Saturday morning. Rain totalling 7 to 10mm from overnight will continue post-dawn, tending to fade slowly, but leaving residual dampness into the middle of the day. By the afternoon, a few scattered showers are possible.

Further rain will come in from the south-west before dawn on Sunday, leading to another damp morning, with rain fading slowly. Showers possible on Sunday afternoon. Amounts fairly small, but another 3 to 5mm probably.

A moderate breeze, south to southwesterlies over the weekend, 10 to 15mph, at times less.

Top temperatures will hover around 9 or 10C, and 6 or 7C overnight this weekend.

Next week starts mixed, with patchy showery rain on Monday. A frost is possible into Tuesday morning as a brief clearer window develops. Tuesday starts bright, before rain returns into the evening. Midweek is looking unsettled, with rain and wind. A risk of snow over the top of the Peak District. Detail is uncertain, but there is scope for sleet or snow to lower levels later on Wednesday.

Later in the week stays unsettled, with a risk of another awkward mix of rain and hill snow toward next weekend (8th-9th). Thoughts into mid-December stay unsettled, perhaps stormy at times, with an ongoing battle between rain and hill snow. Wintry hits may be short lived, but there’s scope for some disruption due to snow. Hints toward Christmas favour milder southwesterlies at this stage, perhaps becoming drier too.


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2019 Captain’s Drive In

What a great start to their year!

What a fabulous start to the year – NEW Captains, Neil Flynn and Linda Green, organised a superb drive-in event … and even managed to organise the weather!

The drive-in showed that they have ‘nerves of steel’ as they stood up in turn and each drove it out of sight and straight down the fairway. Ageing juvenile (and 2019 Seniors Captain), Ted Shepherd stood in for our Junior Captain – and similarly drove it out of sight … 21 (MA)!

Resident videographer John Bentley captured each moment and you can view on his You Tube Channel (MrBenjay22). John has some irreplaceable footage of Cavendish events going back 30 years and it’s well worth a browse.

A 13 hole mixed Texas Scramble competition followed and was played in very mild conditions for late November – global warming?!!

There was a great atmosphere on the return to the clubhouse where the results were announced.
The winning team comprised:
Vice Captain, Nod Forder, Ken Hall, Dave Crisp and Ladies Secretary Chris Campbell.

The ‘guess the combined driving distance’ competition resulted in a very creditable 517 yards and although nobody got the exact figure, Anthony Lownds and Will MacFarlane each got the number either side and so shared the winnings.

A great start to the year!


Super Sleuth (and Roving Reporter Without Portfolio), Alan (I’ll wear shorts at anytime even though I’m freezin’) Webster, caught outgoing Vice Captain in a moment of confusion as he was preparing to rush over to start on the 7th tee for the shotgun start. Mike’s trolley wouldn’t go and the electrics didn’t respond. They worked much better when he attached his battery!!!

Nobody escapes the AW inquisition!!

Nice one Alan!




Captain’s Farewell

A game of two blazers

The Captain’s Farewell dinner was the last event for Captain ‘Nod’ Forder.

There was a great atmosphere in the clubhouse for the dinner with an air of anticipation for the hand over to our 2019 Captain and his announcement of his successor.


2019 Lady Captain (Linda Green) read out a short message on behalf of recently retired 2018 Lady Captain , Fit Richards, who was not able to make the dinner. Fil thanked everyone for their support over the year and was only sorry her various ailments stopped her from playing as much golf as she would have liked. She wished the new team every success for 2019.

Mr Captain gave his summary of his year and echoed Fil’s words of thanks for everyone’s support throughout the year. He specifically mentioned the importance of volunteers to the working of the club including the directors who were also volunteers working for the benefit of members.

As his final official act, ‘Nod’ (after first dropping it on the floor!), helped incoming 2019 Captain Neil Flynn into his pristine Captain’s blazer. Neil was supported by his many friends and family with a special guest of honour – his mum Elsie.

Neil gave a very moving speech about his background and achievements throughout his life including military service for the Queen at Horseguards parade, but also as a tank commander on active service, service in the arctic and also representing the UK against the USA in this year’s Simpson Cup in the USA. However he said that being Cavendish Captain was a very special honour for him and he would do his best to serve the club with distinction.

Neil announced that his charity would be the On Course Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping injured servicemen and women back into the community through golf. He mentioned a particular story of a 23 year soldier who was suffering from the dreadful effects of PTSD, which Neil witnessed at first hand and how playing golf has started the healing process for that ex soldier. Neil is totally committed to raising money in support of this excellent cause and asks for members to help him throughout the year.

Neil concluded his speech with the announcement of his Captain Elect – and so Captain for 2020.

In a beautifully timed entrance Mike Higgins and Max Chewen arrived as surprise additions to the party straight from their holiday in Portugal. Then to unanimous approval and rousing cheers, Neil confirmed that Greens Chairman Mike Higgins (44 years a member and distinguished golfer who played in The Open in Troon in 1982) was to be his successor.

Mike made a speech confirming his love for Cavendish and was pleased to follow in the footsteps of his father Peter and mother Gwenda who were both past Captains.

As Mike finished, Mr Captain had another surprise – this time for Mike himself.
With a live video link to Miami, Florida, Mike was congratulated by his Mum, Dad and all his relatives in the USA – and so not a dry eye in the house after that!

After the speeches Pat Campbell presented ‘Nod’ with a beautiful framed montage of photos from his special year and then our new 2019 Captain invited everyone for a glass of bubbly in the lounge where the party spirit continued for several hours.




And finally … with thanks to Pat Campbell for the great images.

 And it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him!

Nod’s Last Day

2018 Captain ‘Nod’ Forder made it one to remember

Nod played in the Saturday competition today with past captains Eddie Wright and John Lomas, plus Des Coleman and continued his winning ways by getting a birdie on the 13th –  the very last hole he played as Captain!

Once back in the clubhouse he  presented a very special award to Malc Burgess, one of the club’s longest serving members. Malc is a past captain and stalwart of the club with 44 years as a member.

Nod was delighted to present Malc with Honorary Life Membership and considered it great honour for him to present this to such a great guy!
Nod will be attending his final function as Captain at the Captain’s Farewell when he will hand over to incoming Captain Neil Flynn.