MacMillan Cancer Charity Day

It was ideal conditions for the MacMillan Cancer Charity day on Saturday and we had a full field of players out enjoying the weather.

The course was playing firm and fast and it was a great test for all golfers.

Many Thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a huge success and Congratulations to the prize winners!


1ST £100 J Hallen / E Pilkington 47pts guests

2ND £80 C Lundy / L McKenzie 45pts Tankersley GC CPO back 3

3RD £70 N Salt / R Forder 45pts Cavendish GC

4TH £60 S Boyle / C Hayes 44Pts Walton , Cheterfield GC

5TH £50 M Forder / M Bagguley 43pts Cavendish GC

6TH £40 K Bloor / P Bracegirdle 43pts Cavendish GC CPO back 3

7TH £30 N Barton / C Moss 43pts Cavendish GC

Garry’s Easter FOREcast

It’s a simple forecast this week – good weather is here throughout the Easter weekend!

High pressure across Britain, and a favourable southerly airflow adds up to lots of warm sunshine for the next few days. The atmosphere will stay quite hazy as is common for a continental air mass. 

Temperatures will climb to 20C or above each day over the extended weekend. It will feel like summer has arrived early, but it’s really not that unusual for this weather pattern in April.

There will be very little wind on Saturday, before a strengthening southerly breeze on Sunday as weather fronts try to nibble in from the northwest. This may result in more high cloud, but it will stay dry.

Monday keeps the southerly breeze, and there’s a small chance of a shower, but more likely it will stay dry. 

As we go further into next week, there’s an increasing risk of bursts of rain developing as things become more unstable in the atmosphere. Thundery downpours are quite possible in places. Temperatures will fall a little, but tending to be on the mild side, around 13 to 16C by day, and little or no frost overnight.

Whatever your Easter plans, enjoy the weekend and make the most of the sunshine!

Garry’s Masters FOREcast

Chilly but dry in Buxton; humid then stormy in Augusta

There’s plenty more dry weather ahead for our part of the world this weekend and into next week, as high pressure over Scandinavia stays in charge. April showers may begin to develop toward Easter weekend, but it’s a long way off to get the detail for now.

For the time being, east to southeasterly winds will prevail, which will make things feel rather chilly again. Air temperatures of 7 to 10 Celsius at Buxton will feel closer to freezing. With any shelter from the wind overnight, a frost is likely, as values dip to around zero.

Sunshine will be best on Saturday, although cloud will build a little through the day, and Sunday could then be cloudier in general.

The wind will be quite brisk, between 10 and 20mph, so adding a couple of clubs onto our tough long holes on the back 9 in particular.

Over the other side of the pond at Augusta, things are a classic springtime story of building humidity and a threat of storms developing. Heading into Masters weekend, the heat builds to 30C on Saturday, before the threat of storms really increases into Sunday, by afternoon and evening especially. 

A severe storm complex is due to move out of Texas across the deep south, which could be enough to delay proceedings in Georgia. If they have to go into Monday to complete the tournament, things will have cleared to brighter and fresher conditions by then.

Garry’s Radio Broadcasts
As part of Garry’s professional work, he is advising the Mountain Weather Information Service in the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.
Yesterday he recorded an interview with the Paul Hudson Weather Show due to air over the weekend on BBC local radio across Yorkshire.
So tune in to local BBC radio if you would like to hear Garry.

Chipping away at the course

Many of you will have noticed the fantastic looking new path that has been created between the 7th green and the 8th tee. This is just another example of the great work that Warwick and his team have been doing over the past couple of months.

Using the wood chippings from the trees that were felled around the 7th green a new feature has been added to the course. Warwick says “This has been done to create a visually appealing path from a very worn area of the course. The idea was first thought out by the volunteer group.”

“This is the first of many paths to tidy around the course but a good start.”

We look forward to seeing more of this work from Warwick and the rest of his team.

Garry’s Latest FOREcast

Easterlies toward Easter

A nagging, cool pattern is expected to continue over the next week or so, as easterly winds prevail across the British Isles. This will add an extra test to Cavendish, making the ‘big’ holes of 10, 11 and 18 play very long indeed. By contrast, holes 1, 3, 5 will play shorter than normal!

There will be generally small amounts rainfall for the week ahead, although skies may be stubbornly cloudy. Some nights will be frosty, especially during the middle of next week when skies clear and winds drop. Temperatures by day often struggling below 10C in the High Peak.

Here’s the weekend outlook:

Saturday starts cool but bright, around 3 or 4C. Cloud will tend to build through the day, but it is likely to remain dry. A few spots of rain may develop in the afternoon. A cool easterly breeze around 10 to at times 15mph, will make the top temperature of 8 or 9 Celsius feel rather cool.

Sunday looks a cloudier day from the word go, and by afternoon, a greater risk of some steadier rain coming in from the east for a few hours, to make things murky and damp. Temperatures a little higher, max 10 to 12C, but cooler if rain sets in. Easterlies around 10mph.

If hill walking takes your fancy when you’re not golfing, check out the new Mountain Weather forecasts for the Peak District at, focusing on conditions on the high tops. See also a news article at:

What better way to start the Easter Break?

Join us on Friday 12th April for a Family fun golf evening.

All of the family is welcome to come along to our great free taster session.

We will have hints and tips from our Playing Professional, George Bloor, excellent food from our chef, Ricardo, and an Easter crafts table.

Join us and have some fun.

The Ladies get their season underway

The Ladies’ 1st Medal of the season was played on Thursday 28th March and the weather couldn’t have been better for them.

Division 1 Results:

Winner – Anna Major  86 – 11 – 75 

2nd – Fiona Wylie 93 – 17 – 76

3rd – Frances Reynolds 90 – 14 – 76

Division 2 Results:

Winner  Julia Rowland   102  –  26 –  76. 

Well done to winners and everyone else who played.

No meaningful rain!

Garry’s latest FOREcast

It’s that time of year where we sit between seasons. It can feel like summer is almost here, but then we get a nagging reminder that winter has quite given up. The week ahead will be more like the latter, with rather cool conditions prevailing into early April.

Saturday will be rather cloudy overall, and there may be a little rain in the air, but amounting to practically nothing. A slight west/northwesterly breeze 5 to 8mph. Quite cool, rising from 3C at dawn, up to 9 or 10C by the middle of the day.

Sunday is expected to start chilly – frosty if skies fully clear overnight. A dry and bright day with lots of sunshine. The breeze switches to the east, 10-15mph. Feeling cool, only reaching 7C.

Next week will be a classic April story of sunshine, beefy showers, and a risk of frost. Temperatures will struggle to feel genuinely warm, mostly stuck in single figures, 6 to 9C by day in Buxton, and dipping toward freezing or just below some nights. Snow may fall at times, briefly lying on the hills, but soon gone again. Some days will escape mostly dry, so it will be a case of choosing wisely at short notice!

Total rainfall for the week should be around 10-15mm or less, falling in showery bursts of a couple of millimetres at a time, but large rainfall totals look unlikely in the next week.

As a brief aside, the recent rains should have eased fears of drought into early summer at least. The water table is still quite low, which is why the golf course has quickly dried out again. Water resources have topped up nicely. Here’s an image from last week at Ladybower, contrasted with the scene from last November.

As MacKenzie Intended

Natural strategic course defences imminent

‘Forest’ of cutting markers around 13th green

In his last update, Course Manager Warwick Manning mentioned the design work taking place to bring more ‘definition’ to the course. Guided by architect and designer Jonathan Gaun,t Warwick and his team started painting certain areas of the course with blue spots and then proceeded to plant a ‘forest’ of cut-down bamboo canes to act as the NEW visual markers for the greens team to follow when cutting out the new approaches to the greens.

This new course strategy brings into play all the humps and hollows and natural contours – just as Dr MacKenzie envisaged back in 1924 when he started the design work on Cavendish. Jonathan and Warwick are bringing back the original design detail he crafted and which were the natural defence for the course.

The media circus is already starting to focus on the world’s most iconic golf course (Augusta National in Georgia, USA) and will once again marvel at its beauty and challenge during the US Masters; but sadly all but a handful of lucky golfers will ever get to experience that challenge. Cavendish members and visitors on the other hand DO get to experience the sheer enjoyment of MacKenzie’s brilliance – every time they play MacKenzie’s ‘Inspiration for Augusta’.

This is a really exciting time for Cavendish Golf Club as our new course manager turns the new strategic vision into practical reality.

Warwick would like to thank his greens staff who have embraced many changes over the last recent weeks and who are helping to achieve the new vision with hard work and dedication. Special thanks also to John Deere for the loan of the specialist cutting machine essential to cut the new approaches.
And thanks once again to Jonathan Gaunt who, with his expert knowledge of Mackenzie design, has been of significant help to us.

Hopefully, sometime soon the golf course will play even more like Mackenzie intended.

A taste of Italy

Cavendish golf club introduces our own Italian Night

Come and join us Friday evening April 5th 2019 18:00 – 22:00

For just £22.50 per person, you will get a fantastic 3 course meal, including a glass of prosecco on arrival and you will be guaranteed a great night.

Please book early to ensure that you dont miss out. Call 01298 79708 to book your place.