Captain’s Day Scorcher

No longer the ‘Snow Captain’

Yet another scorching day for the most important day in Mr Captain’s calendar and … the only one he can’t play in! Captain’s Day is very special and gives all the men in the club the chance to get to know the Captain in a relaxed and fun environment.

Just 4 months back and Mr Captain thought his legacy would be that he would be remembered as the ‘Snow Captain’ – worse even than the ‘Raining Captain’. Now he’s making a bid for being the ‘Drought Captain’ as the course continues to wither under the persistent sun!!

The day was organised to a tee – well the first tee to start and then a mad dash down to the 12th tee to get all the tents, chairs, tables, food and even a bar serving tap larger and requiring a generator to power the equipment. Loads of family and friends helped out and made the stop off at the 12th a load of fun. Bacon sandwiches, pork pies and cakes were in abundance as team after weary team trudged over to the tent to be fed and watered!

Some players were however taking things seriously and especially as the conditions were very challenging, not only with the speed of the greens and fairways, but the high wind that swirled around all day.

The presentation was held at 8pm and only members attending the presentation were to be allowed to receive prizes. In the event the following members showed the rest of us just how it was done, with a card play off for the top spot between Neil Flynn and Alan Jones. In the event Alan had to settle for second place with Neil taking the trophy. In his speech Neil was delighted to ‘RETAIN’ this trophy as he will not be able to defend it next year as he will be Captain and so ineligible to take part.

1 Neil Flynn 71- 5 – 66 CPO
2 Alan Jones 79 – 13 – 66
3 Stewart Gregory 79 – 12 – 67
Best Gross Ben Pritchard 76
Best Full Handicap – John Cornwell




After the prize presentation the evening continued on the balcony until the sun went down and people went inside for some great entertainment.

Mr Captain thanked many people for their help and support on the day and made a special mention to his wife Cath, to whom he presented a nicely wrapped gift – was it soap Cath?

Well done Mr Captain – here’s a review of your day …




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