California Comes to Buxton

USA MacKenzie Society plays Cavendish

Eight people made a 6000 mile trip to play in the International MacKenzie Society Annual Competition and decided to include Cavendish in their itinerary.

The group had travelled from their home club Claremont GC in San Francisco, an Alister MacKenzie course of a very similar length and style to Cavendish. Two years ago Cavendish member Nick Norton spent 4 weeks playing some of MacKenzie’s iconic courses on the West Coast of the USA and extended the invitation for Claremont to visit Cavendish if the opportunity arose.

Well the Claremont contingent have spent the last 5 days playing all the well know courses in the Southport area Royal Birkdale, Southport & Ainsdale, Hesketh and Royal Liverpool prior to travelling to Buxton. After Cavendish, they will  play some of the great Yorkshire courses including Moorton, Ganton, Alwoodley and Harrogate for the International MacKenzie Competition.

The Claremont GC contingent included:
President Justin Roach, President Elect Joe Addiego III, Dr Joe Addiego II (Doc), Director of Golf Jay McDaniel and his son Tyler McDaniel, Club Champion Randy Jones, Steve Brown and his son Jason Brown.

Nick had organised for Jonathan Gaunt (Committee Member of The Alister MacKenzie Society of GB & I) and George Bloor (Cavendish Member and England Amateur Team Member) and himself to accompany the visitors and play in the Axe Edge Open Competition.




The group did brilliantly winning several prizes 4th and 6th place plus nearest the pin – in the event the winning 8 teams were separated by just ONE POINT!

The Claremont groups were the very last to play and after the game expressed how much they had enjoyed playing Cavendish.

After the game the group supped some traditional ‘warm’ Wainwright’s beer and shared how much they had enjoyed the day.

Nick Norton presented a gift for the Claremont GC library on behalf of the the Alister MacKenzie Society of GB & I and received by Director of Golf, Jay McDaniel.

The book entitled ‘Playing His Legacy’ presents the work of Dr Alister MacKenzie.

It is written by Bob Fletcher with contributions from our own historian Richard Atherton and Jonathan Gaunt, all Committee Members of the Alister MacKenzie Gold Society of GB & I.


It was a pleasure to have met such a nice group of fellow Alister MacKenzie enthusiasts and we look forward to seeing them again – maybe next time in Oakland, San Francisco?

We wish you all every success in your forthcoming International match later this week.



This message was received from Jay McDaniel earlier today:

Thank you again so much for yesterday!  

The guys all felt it was by far the best experience of the trip and were blown away by the course!!!  Fantastic!!

They all wanted to convey our thanks to Jonathan, George and Michael for making our round and time at Cavendish so special.

If you ever make your way back to California make sure you make a trip to Claremont!!!
All the best!!!
Jay McDaniel

Claremont President Elect Joe Addiego III shared with Jonathan Gaunt that he considered Cavendish to be the best layout in the world under 6000 yards. Thank you Joe!


Claremont Country Club: MacKenzie’s Little Jewel in Oakland 1897-2014

Claremont Country Club is well into its second 100 years. How did we get here? How have we continued to thrive over the years? How do we ensure we remain an important part of the lives of current and future members? This book, MacKenzie’s Little Jewel in Oakland, addresses and answers these questions.

How did we get here? The book describes Claremont’s rich history and tradition from its roots as the Oakland Golf Club founded in 1897 on the shores of Lake Merritt to its move to the Rock Ridge area, its incorporation as the Claremont Country Club in 1903, and all the years that followed.

How have we continued to thrive? Claremont’s history, as described and illustrated in this book, includes the joys which members experienced in the variety of sports and social activities offered by the club as well as the difficulties which the club survived including a fire-destroyed clubhouse, two world wars, the Depression and other economic downturns. Claremont has been able to flourish by continuously adapting to the needs of our members.

How do we remain an important part of the lives of current and future members? Our future is best served by sticking to our core values: a strong sense of our history; remaining a country club, not just a golf club; continuing to offer the experiences our members seek, and remain a place where our members go to feel like home. As illustrated in MacKenzie’s Little Jewel in Oakland, Claremont has been focusing on these core values throughout its history.


 Alister MacKenzie








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